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2019 Fall Newsletter

At the Community Foundation, our mission is to improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and providing leadership on critical community issues.

Students love the YMCA After School Program supported by a CFCC grant
Community Foundation Grants over $3 Million in 1st Quarter

The Community Foundation of Collier County has distributed $3,061,694 in 527 grants in the first quarter of the 2019-20 fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, to nonprofit agencies and scholarships for secondary education and specialized training. Of the $1,028,144 distributed from donor-advised fund grants, 74% ($763,783) stayed in Collier County to benefit organizations and students in our community.
The distributions from donor-advised funds included $10,000 to the Greater Naples YMCA. These funds help provide summer children's programming for students from low-income homes so they could participate in water safety lessons, sports instructions, summer day camps, and school readiness programs.
Also included was $15,000 to Literacy Volunteers of Collier County from the Angel Fund for Nonprofits Giving Circle for the Families Learning English program that provides tutors for parents and children. This program will serve 160 children and 70 parents at five public school locations. Parents learn English while their young children learn letters, numbers, reading, and writing. This project, in partnership with Collier County Public Schools, introduces young children to school and increases their Kindergarten-readiness. 

The Community Foundation of Collier County Announces New Board Members for 2019-2020

The Community Foundation of Collier County announced the addition of three new members to the Board of Trustees. Bradley G. Rigor, Allyson Richards, and Michael J. Schroeder joined the Board for a three-year term on July 1, 2019. Former Board Members,  Kathleen Kapnick, T. Robert Bulloch, and Jennifer B. Walker became Trustees Emeriti.

The Community Foundation has been partnering with public and private foundations, local government and nonprofits to invest in the health, safety, and enrichment of our community for almost 35 years through grants and scholarships. Philanthropic community partnerships are the driving force behind our work at the Community Foundation of Collier County, enabling us to carry out our mission which is to work with donors, inspire ideas, ignite action, and mobilize resources to address community needs in Collier County. The Foundation's 20 member Board of Trustees stewards its strategic grantmaking and special initiatives as well as the growth of its philanthropic assets to benefit Collier County.

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Education takes Katherine to lofty places thanks to CFCC scholarship
The Sky Is The Limit

Scholarship Connector takes Katherine Hamilton to amazing places

Receiving the Doris Reynolds Naples Daily News Journalism Scholarship has been life changing. The simple phrase "life changing" feels like an understatement as I try to encapsulate in a few paragraphs the complete 180-degree turn-around the scholarship has caused in my life.

I was an above average student while going to Naples High School: good grades, friends, extracurriculars, leadership. But I never had a passion or direction. Hobbies, yes, but nothing I could see doing 40 hours a week for the rest of my life.

As junior year was drawing to a close, and the time to apply to college was upon me, I wracked my brain looking for an answer to the questions "Who do I want to be?" and "What do I want to do?" Now I am a woman who needs to pray in these moments. I told God all the qualities I was looking for in a job and the type of person I wanted to be. Then I waited for an answer.

A Bright Start for All

CFCC Grant benefits affordable access to quality childcare 
Imagine all children, no matter their family's financial ability, starting their day in brightly decorated classrooms, abounding with activity and learning opportunities led by caring and engaged teachers. This vision of the Greater Naples YMCA works to strengthen and serve the Collier County community by focusing on youth development. Currently, the organization provides working families affordable access to quality childcare by operating the Infant & Toddler Center, Pre-school & VPK, and their After School Program to its members. To help continue their dedicated work, Community Foundation of Collier County has awarded the YMCA a $10,000 Donor Advised Grant this past August that will go directly towards this program.

The Collier County Community Foundation's grant will allow the organization to continue to provide for the families that need it most. In particular, it will provide financial assistance to low-income families from our community who struggle to afford quality daycare for their children. 

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Family Literacy Program at Literacy Volunteers of Collier County
English Literacy is a Family Affair

CFCC grant helps provides English Literacy classes to parents - while their children are being cared for

Some non-profits might look at toddlers of parents seeking English literacy skills as a problem: How can we afford to provide babysitting while parents attend classes?
But the Literacy Volunteers of Collier County (LVCC) regards the situation as an opportunity - to teach youngsters ages 1 to 4 about letters, numbers, reading, and even writing their names, which gives the children a better chance at success in pre-kindergarten and beyond.
The resulting initiative, aptly named Families Learning English (FLE), amounts to a powerful combination of adult and early childhood literacy, with an accent on parents reinforcing the lessons at home, thanks to books purchased with the help of a $15,000 Angel Fund for Nonprofits Giving Circle grant.

Hispanic Council Foundation WINK Interview

Michelle Barbara, Vanessa Castillo, and Mireya Hernandez Cruz speak to Noticias WINK

Three recipients of The Hispanic Council Foundation Scholarship,  which supports female students of Hispanic/Latina Heritage majoring in a STEM field with their educational pursuits, were interviewed by Noticias WINK, formerly know as Univision. This scholarship and many others are available on the Scholarship Connector 

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Community Foundation Changing Needs Fund

The Community Foundation has many ways to donate to our Changing Needs Fund to make a lasting impact on our community - for good and forever. Please contact Eileen Connolly-Keesler at ekeesler@cfcollier.org or 239.649.5000 at Community Foundation to help meet the contemporary needs of tomorrow's Collier County.
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