September 10, 2015

Sarah Herring
Executive Assistant
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Community Foundation Mentioned in

U.S. News and World Report Article


In an article released today,  U.S. News and World Report cited the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley as an industry leader in providing numerous scholarships to local students.  The article, titled "Know What to Do Before, During and After the Scholarship Search" , stresses the importance of applying early and often for scholarships.  Kevin Ladd, vice president of and author of the article,  offers a number of search options for students looking for scholarships, including local foundations.  The article offers the Community Foundation as an example, stating that, "...the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley  has awarded more than $11.4 million in college scholarships to students in the organization's small Illinois service area."  The entire article can be read by clicking here.

In 2015, the Community Foundation received more than 600 applications and awarded scholarships to over 300 students totaling more than $1 million over the next four years.  For more information, and details on how to apply for a Community Foundation scholarship, please click here.

About the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
The Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley is a non-profit, tax-exempt, philanthropic organization that administers individual charitable funds from which grants and scholarships are distributed to benefit the citizens of the Greater Aurora Area, the TriCities and Kendall County, Illinois.

Founded in 1948, the Foundation provides a simple and powerful approach to charitable giving.  Individuals, families, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to custom design their own named funds that reflect their charitable goals and interests.  Since its inception, the Community Foundation has grown to more than $74 million in assets and has awarded nearly $55 million in grants and scholarships.

Funds may be created on a permanent basis or they may serve a more limited purpose. Donors establishing permanent funds have the assurance that their charitable objectives will be fulfilled in perpetuity.

For more information on the Community Foundation's scholarship program, please contact Heather Johnson at 630-896-7800 or

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