Community change maker and former publisher appointed to Community Foundation of Nova Scotia's board of directors

Jan. 24, 2018 - HALIFAX, N.S. - The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia today welcomed a new board member who will help champion effective philanthropy in the province's rural communities.
Robert Orr, chair of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia board of directors, announced the appointment of Lynn Hennigar at their meeting Wednesday. Hennigar's position supports the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia's focus on the mobilization of philanthropy across the province, particularly in rural communities where the possibilities of philanthropy are not fully realized, says Orr.
"Not only is Lynn's understanding of philanthropy and the challenges in her home community essential to Lunenburg County's sustainability, it is vital to strengthening our capacity to mobilize philanthropy and local empowerment across the province."
Throughout her career Hennigar has been an effective community change maker. She has been active with the Lunenburg County Community Fund - part of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia's community fund network - and a strategist with its committee NOW Lunenburg County for more than three years.  NOW Lunenburg County is recognized for its leverage of philanthropic investment in rural economic development, notably its 2017 Canadian recruitment tour designed to combat population decline in Lunenburg County.

After more than 30 years in the newspaper industry, Hennigar sold her family publishing company Lighthouse Publishing Limited to Advocate Printing and Publishing Limited in August of 2015. She continued as publisher of the award winning Lunenburg County community newspaper The Progress Bulletin until March 31, 2017.
Lunenburg County is experiencing many of the same trends as other rural communities in Nova Scotia, including the out migration of youth, the mismatch of required skills and employment opportunities, and the challenge of attracting medical professionals.
"With the support of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia, we are experimenting with innovative ways to address the challenges faced by rural communities and I am looking forward to sharing lessons learned with other communities across Nova Scotia," says Hennigar. "When all Nova Scotian communities flourish, the province will realize its possibilities."


About the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is an action centre for philanthropy. We provide the knowledge and support for communities, charities, and citizens to realize their individual potential and collective possibilities. Our mission is to build strong, vibrant and diverse communities throughout Nova Scotia by enabling and inspiring effective philanthropy. We're part of the Community Foundations of Canada movement that collectively manages more than $6 billion and granted more than $250 million in 2016. Community foundations have a history dating back to 1921 in Canada. The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia began operating as a community foundation in 2008 and currently has more than $7 million in philanthropic investment under management, disbursed and committed grants of more than $4 million and supports a growing network of community funds across the province, including the Lunenburg County Community Fund.

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