Community Health Connections
August 2021 - Vol.2, Issue 7
Greetings from the Executive Director
It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over and we are headed into fall. As students get ready to go back to school, we are grateful for the launch of the pilot program with the Greater Johnstown School District, which connects Community Health Workers to at-risk students and families in grades K-4. We know that the pandemic has been especially hard on these families, and we look forward to continuing this partnership and the potential expansion to other school districts in the future.

We also would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly over the past nine months to get “shots in arms” with Covid-19 vaccine efforts, outreach and education. With the recent resurgence of cases in our region, we know the work is far from over. The Cambria/Somerset Covid Task Force will be meeting in the next few weeks to continue discussions on how to reach out to those that who haven’t received the vaccine or may be vaccine hesitant.

We ask for your continued help discussing the importance of these efforts with your friends, family and neighbors so we can ensure a safe and healthy fall for our community!

Best regards,

Jeannine McMillan
Advocating for our community and
giving participants a voice:
Justina Schreiber, HUB CHW
Check out this month's HUB Community Health Worker (CHW) Spotlight with Justina Schreiber, CHW at Beginnings, Inc.

"On a personal level, my struggles with addiction and mental health have
prepared me for the role of CHW. Meeting my participants where they are at and helping to walk beside them is something I look forward to in my role as a CHW."

HUB Referral Partner Spotlight:
Tableland in Somerset Co., a "one-stop shop"
If you’ve heard of Tableland in Somerset County, you may have also wondered about the origin of its name. The name ‘Tableland’ stems from President Johnson’s War on Poverty in the 1960s. When Somerset residents got together to establish the organization at the time, the word ‘tableland’ was commonly used and fit the Somerset geography perfectly. If you fly over Somerset County, it looks like a high level, flat plateau – otherwise known as a “tableland.”
The Community Care HUB has been in action since September 1, 2020, and HUB Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been hard at work reaching out and making connections alongside at-risk participants since then. From September 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021, 24 infants have been born within the HUB. CHWs have completed a total of 376 visits, which means that HUB CHWs are busy building relationships and connecting their participants to the many social service agencies in our area. And since the HUB expanded to serving the Greater Johnstown School District (GJSD) in April, there have been 25 GJSD households within the school district who have enrolled in the HUB.

Getting to Know Brianna Livingston,
HUB CHW Supervisor
Check out this month's spotlight with Brianna Livingston, HUB Community Health Worker Supervisor at Beginnings Inc.

"Our Community Health Workers live and work in the same community as the families we serve. They know the area and the services available. CHWs meet the participant where they are to help overcome obstacles that may be holding them back."

News Bites
Maternal Mental Health Awareness
The Blue Dot Project aims to raise awareness of maternal mental health disorders as well as combating the stigma surrounding these disorders. Join a community from around the U.S. to raise funds and awareness together for Maternal Mental Health the weekend of October 9th and 10th. Learn more about the virtual Blue Dot Run/Walk on October 9-10.
August is Civic Health Month
Civic Health Month is a nationwide celebration held each August to highlight the strong connections between health care, healthy communities, and civic participation. Now that your elected officials are home in their state and congressional district, use some of the helpful tips and resources in the link to advocate for public health in your community!
Gateway Health Wholecare Tour
Gateway Health's Mobile Unit will be at St. Vincent de Paul Johnstown Family Kitchen on Friday, August 20th from 10 AM - 2 PM. Stop by to learn about nutritional, financial, physical and mental health tips and activities and receive free
giveaways to help you stay safe
from COVID-19!

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