Community Health Connections
October 2021 - Vol.2, Issue 9
Cambria-Somerset Covid Task Force releases FAQ related to COVID-19 vaccines
The Cambria-Somerset Covid Task Force recently released the following FAQ related to the COVID-19 vaccine booster shots and other COVID-19-related information based upon the latest CDC guidance. This information is up to date as of 10/22/21, but please note that guidelines may change as more information becomes available.

Get to know Stephanie Buck, CHW from Community Action Partnership
Meet the newest Community Health Worker (CHW) Stephanie Buck, employed by HUB care coordination agency Community Action Partnership of Cambria County.

"It’s so easy to criticize others without knowing the actual obstacles they face. Being on public assistance, for example, is often associated with laziness, not wanting to work and expecting handouts; when, in fact, that’s not always the case... Overcoming obstacles is a process that sometimes is not obtainable without some assistance. That’s where a CHW can help out immensely."
Housing Symposium for Cambria & Somerset Counties set for November 18th
A Housing Symposium for Cambria and Somerset Counties will be held virtually Thursday, November 18th from
9-11:30 am. Housing assistance providers will explain current housing assistance programs available for Cambria and Somerset county residents, including the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), Section 8, and more. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and interaction between presenters and attendees.
Meet Allison (Allie) Byers, our new Communications Coordinator
Allie worked for nearly seven years as a photojournalist in upper Cambria County. Through her work, Allie attended community events and meetings and become deeply entrenched in the areas she covered. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Allie is a volunteer at her local library and, prior to taking on this position, she enjoyed coaching junior high girls basketball and varsity softball. In her new role as communications coordinator, Allie is responsible for making connections in Cambria and Somerset counties, social media posts, press releases, website updates and other means of communication. Allie enjoys getting outside and hiking, sports, reading and hanging out with her family and friends.
Portage Area School District students build
Corsi-Rosenthal Cubes for classrooms
In an effort to further combat COVID-19 and keep students in the classroom, Portage Area School District superintendent Eric Zelanko purchased enough box fans and filters to make 100 Corsi-Rosenthal Cubes. These inexpensive and effective tools are used to clean the air and have been suggested for use in all classrooms by the Cambria-Somerset COVID-19 Task Force. Letters were sent out to all school districts in Cambria and Somerset counties to encourage the implementation of the filters, as well as vaccinations, masks and testing.
News Bites
Representatives from Community Care HUB meet with Senator Casey
Community Health Workers Christy Berzonski and Caitlyn Farber and 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health Executive Director Jeannine McMillan participated in a roundtable discussion with U.S. Senator Bob Casey in Philadelphia. They provided an overview of their work and shared impactful stories on the individuals in the communities.
Center for Population Health meets with Center for Inclusion Health
On October 5, 1889 JCPH's Jeannine McMillan, Executive Director, and Leanna Bird, Project Manager, sat down with Allegheny Health Network's Center for Inclusion Health's Kristin Lazzara and Stuart Fisk for a brainstorming session. While in Johnstown, Kristin and Stuart visited Community Action Partnership and Beginnings, Inc.

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