BVR Community Health Update
To keep you informed, we will be providing a Community Health Update as we have new information and data to share.

Some weeks (like this one) have more information to share. Thank you for continuing to stay up-to-date with us!

Included in today's update you will find a snapshot of the overall health of the BVR community; an update on holiday travel and faculty/staff testing; Zoom meeting links for tomorrow (12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.); and links to resources you may need during this time.
Partnership and communication is critical during this time. Thank you for your commitment to keeping us informed.
At a Glance
Total cases overall since the start of school
5 positive cases
Total cases since the last update on November 6
Total number of BVR community reported results—this includes school directed and volunteered tests
108 negative results

Thank you for continuing to share information with us.

REMINDER: We are tracking the number of total tests our community takes (positive and negative, required, and voluntary); please continue to share all instances of COVID testing with us.
Information on the Upcoming Breaks
Travel & Faculty/Staff testing
Travel & Visitors
As a reminder, in general, our protocol is to follow the MA state guidelines.

Please review MA state guidelines to determine if your travel plans or your visitor plans require your student to get tested or self quarantine for 14 days prior to their return to campus. In addition, in Friday's update, we previewed a few additional questions that will be added in the Magnus Daily Attestation screening after Thanksgiving break and continuing through Winter and March breaks.

What you need to do before break
  • Review the MA state guidelines, then click here to see the updated Magnus questions, and look for any potential "stop signs"—i.e., things that would indicate that your child needs to either get tested or to quarantine and learn online for 14 days prior to returning to campus.

  • If this is the case for your family, we are asking you to please share your plans (via the above linked form) for which option you anticipate choosing. This will give us important visibility into the number of people returning to campus after break. Please note: you'll also be asked at a later date to let Division Directors know.

Where to find testing resources
If you are looking for testing resources in addition to your primary care provider, here are links to a COVID-19 Test Site Locator, the Stop the Spread site, and to Vault Health (an at home saliva testing resource).
Faculty & Staff Testing
We also would like to share with you our decision to provide testing to all Beaver faculty and staff.

Testing around breaks
Beaver will provide faculty and staff Vault tests (at home saliva tests) following Thanksgiving, Winter, and March breaks. These tests will be taken by employees and sent in 72 hours prior to returning to Beaver. Following that first screen, we will re-test the Thursday after break as an additional layer of community health monitoring.

Ongoing faculty and staff testing
Beginning the week of January 18, faculty and staff will be tested twice per month. This will give us information about whether or not there are undetected asymptomatic cases among faculty and staff during the winter months.

Student testing
With the increased availability of free testing—and the option to choose to go remote or voluntarily quarantine in the absence of testing—we are not implementing a student testing program at this time. We hope families will take Governor Baker's advice to be tested as often as they see necessary and appropriate. We also ask you continue sharing those results with the school.

  • Please note this does not mean we are closing the door on student testing. We are implementing faculty and staff testing because we are asking them to be on campus teaching every day rather than teaching online.
If you have any questions and/or would like to discuss potential travel plans or concerns, contact the BVR Health Office directly.
Up next: Parent/Guardian Zoom Q&A
Join Kim and members of our Health Office tomorrow, November 10, (at either time) for a drop-in Q&A meeting in preparation for Thanksgiving and Winter breaks.
These events will be hosted on Zoom, and will not be recorded due to the open Q&A format. 
Continue to practice the Big Three—in and out of school.
Quick reference guide what to do if your child has any symptoms.
Complete your daily attestation in Magnus (even on days your child won't be on campus)
We're all in this together!
Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe.

Be Well.