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The dictionary defines ‘community’ as a unified body of individuals. This is what I’m always working towards. I use the time that I have to uplift our House District 29 community and other local Mississippi Delta communities. During my time as a state representative, I worked tirelessly to build and support community.

I am a father and a believer in the future of the Mississippi Delta. I’ve supported youth initiatives that include speaking at a variety of engagements and volunteering to provide enriching opportunities for our youth.
As a business owner, I’ve supported entrepreneurial activity. This includes offering one-on-one mentorship, speaking on panels of to motivate, and facilitating a business co-working program.

As someone who is proud to know my neighbors, I attempt to gain a deeper appreciation of where I live through being an active part of House District 29. I’ve hosted town hall events in numerous communities, moderated candidate forums, and attended as many events as I can in order to better understand the amazing people who live, work, and play in House District 29.
A specific part of House District 29 community that I’m proud to be part of is the Delta State University community. Prior to becoming a state legislator, I was a visiting professor for a year in the College of Business. The next four years I managed a grant at the University that specifically worked with small businesses and assisted in their development. As a state legislator, I’ve fought to obtain additional funding to support the long-term vision of the Fighting Okra community.
As you can see, I’m serious about community. Being unified is the only way I see us moving forward. We must act as one, support each other, and lift up the great things happening. I’m proud of our community and I ask for your support in allowing me to continue to serve you.

Get to Know Abe

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Favorite Album: Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Outcast)
Favorite Food: Hot Wings
Hobbies: Working in his yard, Writing for pleasure, and Learning more about Mississippi
What clothes do you feel most comfortable in?: T-shirt, jeans, and Converse (or boots)
At the Bottom again, but it doesn't have to be this way...

In the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings , Mississippi is at or near the bottom in many key categories: healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economy. The dominant group of politicians in our state have tried the same method over and over again to make change. They keep giving tax breaks to corporations to help them grow and stay in Mississippi. The problem with this is that the money is taking away from investing in you and from investing in Mississippi.

There is one thing I’ve learned from growing up and remaining here in the Mississippi Delta. Even though there are struggles here, if you provide most Mississippi Deltans a chance they will take hold of the opportunity and do everything they can to improve their individual life, the lives of their family members, and the lives of those in their community. If instead of giving tax breaks to corporations we put that money into schools, job training, rebuilding roads, and keeping people healthy, we would see a positive dramatic transformation. I believe investing in people provides an excellent ROI. I will keep fighting for our state to invest more in you so that you and those around you have greater chances to prosper House District 29.

 Why Do I Choose to Live in Mississippi?

I love the outdoors and appreciate the sense of community.  There is no better place than rural Mississippi. I’ve always loved going out in nature and having a chance to enjoy the natural beauty here in the Mississippi Delta. We have great places to go for walks, do birdwatching, and explore water ways. Being outside is also a wonderful opportunity to talk with friends across House District 29 and enjoy where we live together; Especially if you enjoy going to outdoor music and food festivals like I do.
I want to improve the condition of the place where I grew up. I’m connected to this place and the people here. When I see someone struggling, I want to help them get on their feet. When I see a young child, I want to make sure they get the best education possible and can have a good job here in the Mississippi Delta. When I see someone in need of support services of any kind, I want to make sure they are professional, efficient, and exceed the needs of House District 29 residents. I’m passionate about improving our district. That’s why I’m in the legislature and request your support in me continuing my work to improve our home.
I believe we are both the state's most overlooked and most valuable asset. When it comes to the state government, Mississippi often ignores the Mississippi Delta. Legislators and people in other parts of the state have a negative view of our area, and it bothers me. It bothers me because there are many people doing good work here. It bothers me because when I see my daughter and kids her age, I see unlimited potential. However, I am motivated when I talk to residents of House District 29 and they tell me of their dreams and desires. Each time I go to the Capitol, I remember that part of that Capitol belongs to the people of my district. What happens inside the Capitol needs to address the needs, desires, and dreams of Mississippi Delta residents. House District 29 is full of treasures and people from around the state need to hear about us. I make sure to remind people of this fact.
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