February 26, 2016
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Dear Neighbor,

Community Issue Forum
Please join me for a Community Issue Forum tomorrow Saturday February 27th.
This will be a panel discussion about public school finance. The participants will be Angelika Schroeder, Rich Jones, Cathy Kipp and Representative Dave Young.  Angelika Schroeder is a member of the State Board of Education.  Rich Jones is the Director of Policy and Research at the Bell Policy Center. Cathy Kipp is President of the Board of Education of Poudre School District. Rep. Dave Young is Chair the House Appropriations Committee and a member of the Joint Budget Committee. Each member of the panel will speak for 15 minutes with time for discussion after the presentations.

For those who are policy wonks here is a link to the Bell policy Center's Briefing on Colorado budget, TABOR and Medicaid. http://www.bellpolicy.org/research/understanding-colorados-fiscal-challenges

The Forum will be held at Harmony Library, 4616 S. Shields St. Fort Collins, CO. The time is 1:00p.m. -2:30 p.m.

  As always, please contact me anytime-970-231-5090
Rep. Jeni Arndt

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Community Forum
Saturday, Feb. 27th
1:00 pm-2:30 pm
Harmony Library
4616 S. Shields St. 
Ft. Collins, CO
Bring your questions about state government.