QCH Focuses on Nurturing Relationship Between Older Adults and the Youth in Queens
During the holidays, our Neighborhood International Chore and Errand (NICE) program staff delivered holiday care packages to older adults.

QCH also started contactless delivery services comprised of shopping, appointment assistance (i.e. COVID or, doctors appointments) and TechPals (teaching older adults how to join online platforms using tablets). 

NICE is a year-round employment program for high school students. Youth workers are trained to provide chore/shopping assistance and companionship to home-bound older adults as well as friendship and mobility assistance to older adults in nursing homes. 

On January 27 at 6:30 pm, NICE workers will participate in an online intergenerational conversation hosted by Community Board 6! The NICE workers will interview older adults to discuss social issues and life in Queens. Join us on Facebook Live as older adults and the youth get to connect, share experiences, build bonds, and learn about the community. Click here for the link!
Queens Community House Joins Initiative to Provide Career-Focused Opportunities for Young Adults in the Borough
Queens Community House and three other community-based organizations have been selected to participate in the NYC Accelerated Workforce Recovery Hub, a new initiative launched LaGuardia and Hostos Community Colleges, in partnership with The New York Community Trust. QCH will help recruit underemployed and unemployed Queens residents whose employment prospects have been negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic. 

Participants will receive full- and partial-tuition scholarships for the CUNY colleges’ high-quality professional workforce training in programs such as medical assistant, nursing assistant, electrical, pharmacy technician, patient care tech and IT support. The training will prepare them for well-paying careers in high demand fields that require an industry-recognized certification. They'll also earn college credits that can be applied toward a college degree in the future.

QCH will recruit participants from within its youth workforce programming, its five alternative high schools, and its Adult Education Services/ESOL program. The first cohort of approximately 50 students is expected to begin in March. Each semester, training programs will be reassessed to reflect the needs of the ever-changing labor market.
Supporting Love Wins Food Pantry in Jackson Heights

This month, QCH was happy to support the great work that Love Wins Food Pantry does through their food pantry distribution in Jackson Heights. Our Family Support Coordinator, Joelle Tirado, was able to attend the pantry twice in January and do intake of clients in need of support services, such as benefits screening and housing assistance. "We are very pleased to work with the great volunteers of Love Wins," said Tirado, "and to be of assistance to families in need in Jackson Heights."
QCH Volunteer Coordinator on the Importance of Volunteerism

"During this difficult time, we've never let go of our faith in people helping people. Whether they are providing weekly phone calls to homebound older adults or distributing food at our food pantries, volunteers are ensuring that we'll get through this together by taking care of each other and tightening the bonds that hold us together."
- Steffi Tornow, QCH Volunteer
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