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our community
Fifteen years ago, Twin Cities German Immersion School opened its doors to its first 42 students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Since then, the school has grown and changed in many ways with one treasured constant: our sense of community.

For our students, there is something magical in attending a school where friends and staff who knew you as a Kindergartner have the privilege of sending you off to high school. For parents, there is comfort in seeing familiar faces at PTO, Kaffeeklatsch and school-wide celebrations. And for staff, there is joy in watching students grow and mature into accomplished and compassionate young people.

Community is a value that has helped make us the school we are today, and it will be the key to our success in the future because if there is one thing we know, it is that TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONG. Gemeinsam sind wir stark!
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Your gift at work
In 2020, teaching kids how to use technology responsibly and effectively is part of educating the whole child. Your gift helps ensure that every TCGIS student has equitable access to learning these skills. Vielen Dank!
Why give to TCGIS?
During our times of distance learning, technology devices and e-learning platforms are keeping students connected to their teachers and peers, helping them 'do' school, and fostering a strong sense of community at TCGIS, even from afar.
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100% of your donation goes to TCGIS when you write a check.

Employer Giving Programs
Recurring donations through payroll deductions and employer-matching programs are highly effective ways to both support TCGIS and increase the impact of your gift. Check with your employer or see this list.
Ways to Give
Our new online giving form - including the option to make recurring gifts - makes it easy and fast!

Mail a check made out to the TCGIS Annual Fund.

Our front office is open and receiving mail daily during distance learning.

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GiveMN also accepts online donations to the TCGIS Annual Fund.
Your dollars go furthest when you donate via check or use the new TCGIS online giving form.  
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