Green Exodus: uses contemplation, creativity, community and a fresh look at the Cosmos to realign our relationship with the Earth.
Community Meeting - Everyone Welcome
May 28, 2021
4 - 5:30 p.m.

As we pause for the warmer weather and all the gifts of spring and summer, we are going to take time to gather what has emerged over the past couple of months. Please consider these questions:

  • What is emerging for you as a result of the conversations and practices of Green Exodus?
  • What is different for you now as a result of the conversations and practices of Green Exodus?
  • In what ways is Green Exodus supporting you in Falling in Love with the Earth ?
  • As you have experienced GE so far, what role do you think it could play for faith communities and other communities in reshaping their relationship with the Planet? 
  • In what ways has GE been a gift for you?
  • If you could give any gift to GE to support the people, energy and possibilities - what would it be? 

Season of Creation: Sept. 1 - Oct. 11, 2021
Green Exodus is seeking collaborators
to host an Online community
during the Season of Creation.
We will decolonize and decarbonize
our minds and communities and recreate them
with Earth friendly awareness, intention and action.

Earth lovers and guides,
community weavers and spiritual nurturers,
meditation practitioners and theologically curious,
over 40 and under 40, thinkers and doers,
makers of poetry, dance and art,
hikers, fishers, bird watchers and campers,
city builders and garden growers,
tech savvy and luddite,
those who sit and those who can't sit still,
faith or no faith,
SBNR (Spiritual but not religious)
. . . all are welcome!

Let's use the Season of Creation,
a time of aching gold and blue beauty,
to lean into loving and being loved by the Earth!

How would you like to be involved?

  • Join the Planning Circle, first meeting Monday, June 14, 1 p.m. Register here!
  • Offerings - art, poetry, meditation . . .
  • Promote it through your network
  • Attend

Sarah would love to know if this strikes a cord!
Full Disclosure
The Green Exodus is an opportunity for participation:
  • With each other through small and large group conversation.
  • With what is and what is more than us through various practices: noticing, meditation, contemplative photography, poetry, art, words from Wisdom Traditions.
  • In the creative, evolving urgency of our living on this Planet; both as we ourselves are creative, with joy and discovery, and as we are painfully aware of our place and potential in the evolution of our Earth.