Community Message from the Board: Election Results
Dear TCGIS Community,

The school board is pleased to announce the results of the online election for 5 (3-year term) board seats. 

Community Board Member
Silke Moeller

Parent Board Member
Dianne Bell

Teacher Board Members
Emily Albers
Kim Kulhanek
Missy Morrissey

We thank all the exceptional candidates for running in this election. We encourage those not elected, and all interested community members, to join board committees as an integral way to contribute and support TCGIS governance. 

The board congratulates the election winners and looks forward to the new insights and energy of our newly elected members. The 2 new board members, Kim Kulhanek and Missy Morrissey, will be seated at the next board meeting on June 25th. The board will also benefit from the member continuity and the ongoing contributions of our 3 reelected members: Emily Albers, Dianne Bell, and Silke Moeller.

We thank the TCGIS community for the increase in election participation this year, with 271 votes cast (33% of eligible voters). Active engagement is truly a strength of our school community. I’ll take this opportunity to remind parents to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey , which was organized by the Parent Council in collaboration with administration. This is a general survey that applies to the whole of your school experience. A separate parent distance learning survey will come out next week. Please complete this survey by tomorrow if you have the bandwidth to do so. We recognize that this is a very challenging time. Thank you!

Immer dabei, mit Blick nach vorne,

Julie Alkatout
Chair, TCGIS Board of Directors