What you need to know:
As always we are keeping our facility clean and sanitized
for the health of our clients and staff.
Please, if you are feeling sick - stay home.
A note from Dr. Robin:
Your Home Pharmacy

We have all seen and felt the panic from COVID-19 and I have seen first-hand the many patients suffering with stress and anxiety from all of the unknowns. First of all, don’t panic. There is enough data out there now to confirm that most of us will experience little to no symptoms from the virus, and if we do, they will probably be mild. Secondly, there are natural treatments that you can have on hand to help keep your immunity strong and alleviate the severity of symptoms if you do catch the virus
Use some simple measures to aid in keeping your immunity up. Remember this Virus only attaches to lung cells so it is important to keep your lungs healthy and to use best precautions to keep down the spread of the virus to your face. I have herbs to help combat upper respiratory infections and other suggestions to have on hand and for keeping you on the fighting end of things. And please come and see me for a treatment and/or discussion in ways to help reduce anxiety and help with symptoms.

Here are some of my recommendations for helping to fight the pathogen:

Cold Quell Formula from Blue Poppy- I have this at the office now and will do my best to keep it in stock or on order. This formula has some naturally viral fighting herbs that have been shown to work effectively against upper respiratory infections as well as effective against strains of pneumonia and the corona virus. It is not a cure but a super fighter against symptoms and viral activity.

Zinc lozenges - keep plenty on hand to help with immunity and for fighting the virus. Zinc has been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx.

Vitamin C and D - key factors in building a strong immunity.

Elderberry extract - amazing antioxidant qualities as well as serving as a natural lung tonic and a super fighter for upper respiratory infections.

Steaming or diffusing Eucalyptus or Tea tree - These essential oils are naturally disinfectant for the air. Additionally, use eucalyptus on your chest or a little under your nose. Put lavender oil on a cold towel on your forehead to help ease discomfort. Rub peppermint oil into your feet or the back of neck.

Natural Anti-inflammatory’s - Illness and viruses can trigger the inflammatory response in our body which can slow immunity. Anti-inflammatory’s can help to negate some of these effects.
Drink Herbal Teas- Keep some good ones on hand to keep you hydrated and help you heal faster. White willow bark, Echinacea, Lemon balm and Yarrow are all good for fevers.

Sunlight - UV rays are natures purification system

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your immunity up:

Zinc lozenges – can’t stress this enough

Mushroom complex or wellness formula - mushrooms have been used for centuries for building strong immunity. There are lots to choose from out there. Let me know if you want any specific recommendations

Don’t Panic- Most of us will only have mild symptoms and many of us may not even experience symptoms at all. Stress inhibits the immune system. Include a regiment of your go-to relaxing activities- exercise, yoga, deep breathing, meditation.

Come in to see me for a treatment - We can do some immune boosting work and treatments for helping to fight symptoms of a cold. And of course, acupuncture is one of the best ways to quickly calm anxiety.

Get good sleep- sleep is incredibly important for optimal immune function.

Keep a healthy diet, these building blocks are essential for keeping you strong , and avoid inflammatory foods

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms, (especially the fever) it is recommended that you self-isolate (stay at home) , and contact the Dept of Public Health if symptoms worsen for immediate testing. 

Additional information about Chinese herbs and anti-viral immune support:

In Good Health,
-Dr. Robin Persinger DACM L.Ac.