September 17, 2021
Maine DHHS Releases COVID-19 Vaccination Rates for School Staff
This dashboard provides COVID-19 vaccination rates for staff of public schools (including charter, magnet, town academies, and career/technical schools) and private schools providing instruction to students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The dashboard shows the percentage of school and central operations staff who are fully vaccinated, as reported by each school entity.

Staff Vaccination Rates click here
Pooled COVID-19 Testing: Grades PreK - 6
The Brunswick School Department has partnered with Concentric by Ginkgo to implement Pooled COVID-19 Testing in grades PreK-6. This testing is optional and free. 

What is Pooled Testing?
Pooled Testing is a system in which groups of students--usually classes--self-swab their lower nasal cavities on a certain day of the week. All swabs from the group are combined into one specimen which is sent to a central testing facility. The schools are notified in 48 hours whether any specimen is positive. Individuals in the identified group are then re-tested. Those in the group who re-test negative do not have to quarantine.

We are hoping for high participation among staff and students to keep everyone from unnecessary quarantines when they are not sick. To do this, we need you to consent to your or your child’s test.

1.Click the appropriate link: 
If you are filling this out for multiple students, you will need to complete a 
separate consent for each student. 
Staff consent requires creating a free account with Concentric by Ginkgo.

2.Enter this access code for where your student attends or where you primarily work:
Kate Furbish Elementary School: KFS2021
Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School: HBS2021
Brunswick Junior High School: BJHS2021

3.Follow the prompted steps and submit at the end.

Only students and staff with completed consent forms are able to participate in testing. If you do not want yourself or your family to participate, do not fill out a form. We hope to begin testing the week of September 27.
BJHS Late Bus Stops
Late bus will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Departing BJHS at 4:15pm

  • Bath Road & Pine Street
  • Bay Bridge Road & Driscoll Street
  • Cumberland Street & Union Street
  • Durham Road (at the Mid Coast Baptist Church parking lot)
  • Greenwood Road & Church Road
  • Hawthorne School - Superintendent's Office
  • Longfellow Avenue & Maine Street
  • Longfellow Avenue & Harpswell Road
  • Maplewood - 1st Entrance
  • Meadowbrook Road & Maine Street
  • Mere Point Road & Maquoit Road
  • Mere Point Road & Middle Bay Road
  • Mr. SUDS - Chamberlain Street & Harpswell Road
  • Regal Cinema at Cooks Corner
  • River Road & Nancy Drive
  • River Road & Lamb Farm Road
  • Sears Parking Lot at Cooks Corner
  • Stanwood Street & Hennessey Avenue
  • Sturgeon Lane & Old Bath Road
Schooltles Award Recipient: Steven Cumback
Steven Cumback, BSD Bus Driver, is the recipient of the Transportation Department's Schooltles Award.

His nomination stated: "My granddaughter, a PreK student, has had an amazing first-time bus experience with Mr. Steve. Mr. Steve always makes sure she is safe, secure, and comfortable each day! So if you give out special bus driver awards, please put Mr. Steve on the top of the list!" Yes - we do have a special award!

Congratulations, Steven Cumback, for receiving the Schooltles Award!
#TeamBrunswickme #SchoolBusdrivers #BusdriverAward
Employee Spotlight
Katelyn Beedy
Kate Furbish School,
1st Grade Teacher

Katelyn grew up in Cundy's Harbor and now lives with her cat, dog, and boyfriend in Harpswell. She graduated with her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maine at Farmington and is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, also at UMF.

What makes you proud to work in Brunswick?
Brunswick has been so warm and welcoming as I begin my first year here. My colleagues truly care about my well-being and will undoubtedly support me throughout my years to come in BSD. I am most proud of my students and the bond we have already created together. My first-grade family makes me #BSDProud.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun?
I love going to concerts! Thompson’s Point is my favorite venue to see live music because it includes another passion of mine; food trucks!

What is your favorite line from a movie?
“I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.” - Forrest Gump.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
My grandfather passed when I was 3; I’d love to have dinner with him again!

What is something you learned in the last week?
Spider-Man is the ultimate superhero, according to my first graders.
Brunswick School Department Service Awards
Please help us recognize staff members for their years of service to the district.

40+ Years
Elizabeth Wilson

35-39 Years
Hugh Dwyer, Mary Moore, Kathryn Tuttle, Frank Sodergren

30-34 Years
Craig Arey, Nancy Bennoch, Lisa Bryant, Margaret Dalrymple, Stephanie Dionne Lucas, Trent Hutchinson, Deborah LaPointe, Kathy Libby, Melissa Madden, Margaret Nulle, Jeffrey Thompson, Sue White

25-29 Years
Peggy Acheson, Cynthia Brown, Christine Carrington, Richard Clarke, Daniel Dearing, Douglas DeCamilla, Jennie Driscoll, Ronald Dodson, Louise Duncan, Jane Lienau, Mary Lord, Mary Norbert, Herman Ramsey, Louis Sullivan, Shari Tarleton, Nicole Tupper, Richard Weafer, Rick Wilson

20-24 Years
Ann Anderson, Heidi Anderson, Felicity Beede, Robyn Belanger, Dan Boomhour, Claudine Bravo, Dianne Campbell, Beth Cherry, Lynn D'Agostino, Sandra Dolan, Donna Dumas, Christina Gagne, Donald Glover, Paula Groves, Todd Hanson, Laura Hench, Pamela King, Mary Lancaster, Rita Maines, Charlotte Mastropasqua, Marc Mazerolle, Elizabeth Mitchell, Emily Moll, Danielle Murphy, Cecelia Nolan, Robyn Oarr, Maria Palopoli, Tracey Peck-Moad, Brian Pressley, Jackie Puglisi, Jon Riggleman, Christina Ring, Michael Routhier, Richard Ryan, Susanna Sharpe, Tracie Smith, Janice Smith, Dirk Stewart, Kathy Williams, Andrea Wilson, Sue Woodhams, Cynthia Yanok

15-19 Years
Charles Arcand, Paul Barron, Mary-Anne Belanger, Terry Bigelow, Cory Bucknam, Sarah Campbell, Michelle Caron, Susan Chittum, Jody Clark, David Comeau, Jerry Cross, Tracey Dearborn, Tabitha Dionne, Sam Farrell, Andrea Feigner, Bradley Frye, Tim Gagnon, Ethel Granholm, Mark Harpell, Cynthia Hilton, Shauna Jeppson, Schree Kirk, Andrew Kosak, Michael Larrabee, Cristina Lavigne, Tatiana Lera, Lisa Lounsbury, Maggie McKenna, Kelli Novak-Libby, Clark Porter, Suzan Ring, Janet Rivard, Mark Roma, Karen Ann Seawall, Kristie Spaulding, Lea-Anne Thayer, Pam Wagner, Narumi Wigandt, Lloyd Wilkins, Timothy Woolworth, Kristi Wrede

10-14 Years
Ashley Albert, Melody Atwood, Barbara Austin, Bonnie Blair, Mary Booth, Scott Bradley, Brigette Brescia, Thomas Campbell, Kenneth Coulombe, Rebecca Costa, Kathleen Dekker, Carla Selberg, Kelly Door, Victoria Farsaci, Karen Feehan, Kathy Furrow, Ryan Guptill, Theresa Heald, Michele Herrick, Jill Hodgdon, Jocelyn Hooydonk, Edward Jones, Shelby Kavanaugh, Josh Levy, Stasia Lowe, Andrew McCullough, Theresa McKearney, Conan McNamara, Fernande Michaud, Gregory Nadeau, Sarah Norton, Susan Perkins, Cynthia Pinette, Shelley Prophett, Allison Richardson, Carla Shaw, Thomas Sheehy, Jeanne Stinson, Pam Underwood,
Beth York

5-9 Years
Sonya Armer, Joshua Beane, Sarah Bingham, Jesse Bishop, Richard Bisson, Jennifer Bowdish, Heather Brassard, Pam Brewer, Sybill Brewer, Kristina Brown, Minh Canfield, Patricia Cantu, Heather Caron, Tracy Carrier, Larena Carten, Carly Cavallari, Stephen Ciembroniewicz, Melissa Cleaves, Kelsey Condon, Kassandra Cota, Amy Crosby, Glenn Cyr, Caitlin D'Amour, Sarah DeLamarter, Erin Desmond, Roger Dionne, Patricia Farnsworth, Alexandra Fish, Kevin Fisher, Samantha Francis-Taylor, Erik Funderburk, Catherine Gagne, Melissa Gallison, Jola Hebert, Donald Hilton, Catherine Howard Nein, Daurene Jerome, Marcia Jones, Kimberly Jordan, Colleen Kearney-Graffam, Elizabeth Keith, Eugenie Knowles, Mary Kunhart, Erin Lamont Shawn Larrabee, Danielle LeBlanc, Amelia Libby, Ashley Martin, Julia Mason, Kathy McCarthy, Shawne McCord, Rebecca McKarns, Sherri McKay, Michael Nelson, Carmon Parker, Jessica Pelletier, Karen Pelletier, Heidi Plante, Mark Rineer, Alanna Roy, Michelle Russo, Christine Schmidt, Meredith Sciacca, Scott Smith, Joseph Smyth, Kent Spaulding, Thomas Stocker, Jennifer Strout, Carrie Sullivan, Katherine Swain, Meghan Taylor, Karen Thames, Leo Theberge, Carrie Thomas, Elizabeth Van Uden, Billie Jo Wallace, Lori Watson, Kelly Wentworth, Tracy Whalon, Kate Wight, Hilda Wiley
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