Community Newsletter  
Winter 2016/2017  
State of the Organization Address
Mark Mintz, M.D., President, CEO & Founder 

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With a solid and stable foundation in place, tried and true for over 10 years, we continue to build upon our successes, always prioritizing service delivery, patient care and "real solutions".

In 2017, we will continue to make enhancements that transform the care we provide for our patients and the surrounding community. We will do this by focusing on...

How Do They Do It? 
The Secret to CNNH Success

Over the years  we have witnessed how our unique and innovative clinical model has provided answers and solutions to individuals who came to us feeling confused and uncertain about their situation.  Man y have come to us after a long "diagnostic journey" and have found answers to unresolved questions and solutions for complex problems. 

Join Us For a Free Session of Our
with CNNH's Holistic Wellness Program

March 1st  
7 to 7:45pm 

All Ages and Abilities Welcome!
CNNH - Voorhees Town Center

Spring Break Workshop Series
with CNNH's Holistic Wellness Program

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Comprehensive Headache Program at CNNH
A non-pharmacological approach to headache management now available!

CNNH now offers a non-pharmacological treatment for chronic or recurrent headaches. Our use of Biofeedback technology teaches clients how to control and prevent the onset of headaches. 

Our comprehensive program offers a medical evaluation, headache assessment, and a 10-session Biofeedback Program. We work with children and adults. 

Wellness Programs at CNNH
Answers to frequently asked questions about this new program...

We are thrilled to launch our new Holistic Wellness Programs! With classes that are appropriate for the entire community, these programs provide options for connection and creativity outside of our typical "therapy" services; participants do not need to have a diagnosis nor be a patient of CNNH. 

Movement Disorders Specialist at CNNH
Internationally recognized Movement Disorders Expert joins CNNH

Roger Kurlan, M.D. has joined the CNNH team! He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of neurological movement disorders. He is available to see both children and adult patients in the following CNNH offices:

CNNH - Voorhees
CNNH - Rutherford

In addition to seeing patients with Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorder, Parkinson's and other movement disorders, Dr. Kurlan will also be available to consult with existing CNNH patients who have movement disorders in addition to other special needs. 

CNNH Parent/Patient Advisory Committee
Group Comes Together to Understand Patients' Needs and Concerns 

The CNNH Parent/Patient Advisory Committee has now met several times and has been discussing ways to strengthen the CNNH patient community through extending information and referrals, offering opportunities for networking and creating enrichment programs.  

This year the committee will be focusing efforts to host "A Day to Dream", a patient/family gathering held at CNNH - Voorhees. The event will addres s many of the priorities outlined in the Patient Needs Assessment Su rvey! Stay tuned for more details.

CNNH Gets Social 
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Ongoing Research

The Clinical Research Center 
of New Jersey

Autism Study

CRCNJ is now enrolling patients in blüm, a Phase III clinical trial for CM-AT, a potential first-in-class treatment for autism. CM-AT is developed by Curemark , LLC, a drug research and development company focused on the treatment of neurological diseases.

Resort Tailored to Individuals with Autism 
A request to families for input 

  A mother from NJ and a team of autism and hotel/hospitality professionals are exploring options for creating a resort tailored to the needs of individuals with autism and their families. If you have a family member with autism and would like to offer your input/interest, please complete the short survey by clicking here.

CNNH Happenings - Upcoming Events 
Visit to keep up-to-date with all of our upcoming events and other community activities. 

with CNNH's Holistic Wellness Program

March 1st   7 to 7:45pm
CNNH - Voorhees Town Center
All Ages and Abilities Welcome!

March 15-18th
"Navigating Staff Relationships as a Music Therapy Intern"
presented by Amanda Zorzi, CNNH Music Therapist
hosted by MAR-AMTA (Mide-Atlantic Region - American Music Therapy Association) 2017 Music Therapy Conference

April 12th
"Update on Current Medications of Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders"
Presented by: Roger Kurlan, M.D., CNNH Neurologist and Neurologic Movement Disorders Specialist

Dr. Mark Mintz authored  Evolution in the Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Historical Perspective. The Indian Journal of Pediatrics 2017; 84:44-52. 

Dr. Mintz was a appointed as a Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society (FAES)

Sponsored by The Epilepsy Foundation of NJ 

May 13th
The Alliance of Private Special Education Schools of North Jersey

May 24th

June 4th
benefitting Alpine Learning Center

CNNH Happenings - Recent Events (Sept 2016-Feb 2017)
Visit to keep up-to-date with all of our upcoming events and other community activities. 

October 6th
"Developmental Milestones"
presented by Lawrence Laveman, M.D. of CNNH
hosted by Garfield Public Preschool
Bergen County, NJ

October 18th

October 23rd
presented by Michelle Humm, Ph.D. of CNNH
conference hosted by Learning Disabilities Association of NJ
Rutgers University - Livingston Campus

October 28th
Dr. Mark Mintz was co-organizer of the symposium "The Future of Child Neurology: Challenges and Opportunities", at the 45th Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting, October 28, 2016, Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Mintz also lectured at the symposium on "Changing and Alternative Models of Health Care Delivery and Payment: Opportunities for Child Neurologists".

November 8-10th
Dr. Mark Mintz was one of three international speakers invited to lecture at the 21st Annual Conference of the Society for Child Development and Rehabilitation, Jerusalem, Israel. November 8-10, 2016. Dr. Mintz's lecture was entitled "Nurture Versus Nature: Biological Causes and Complications of Autism and Related Disorders".

November 15th
"Autism Decoded: Autism and the Genetic Revolution"
presented by Mark Mintz, M.D. of CNNH
hosted by Camden County College

November 16th
"Biofeedback and Performance Program"
presented by Dale Starcher, Ph.D. of CNNH
hosted at CNNH

November 17th
"Creative Arts and Anxiety"
presented by Amanda Zorzi

November 29th
"ADHD and CP"
presented by Lawrence Laveman, M.D.

Dr. Mark Mintz was a co-author for  The Child Neurology Clinical Workforce in 2015: Report of the AAP/CNS Joint Taskforce . Neurology 2016; 87:1384-1392.

Dr. Mark Mintz was a co-author for  Child Neurology Recruitment and Training: views of the residents and child neurologists from the 2015 AAP/CNS workforce survey . Pediatric Neurology 2016; 66:89-95.  

Laura Szklarski and Kim Catterall presented the following as a poster at the ASET 2016 Annual Conference, August 18, 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA. It will be published as:  Szklarski L, Mintz M, Catterall KHigh Density Electroencephalography (HD-EEG) and Desensitization Techniques Improve Compliance Without Sedation Or Restraint For Children And Adults With Behavioral Challenges, Neurodiagnostic Journal, in press. (Poster presented at ASET 2016 Annual Conference, August 18, 2016.)

Dr. Mark Mintz was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Consortium of Private Epilepsy Centers.

Dr. Mintz was appointed as a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (FAAN)

Drs. Mark and Pnina Mintz met with the Israeli Minister of Health at a Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce event on November 28th in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Lawrence Laveman attended a mission trip to Havana, Cuba from December 7-14, 2016, sponsored by the JCC of Metrowest. The group brought medical supplies and paper goods to distribute to the community through the local federation. The group also visited many physical institutions of the Havana community, and participated in a much needed maintenance and restoration effort for a local cemetery. 

September 24th
Mt. Laurel, NJ
hosted by Brain Injury Association of NJ

October 2nd
Afternoon for Autism
Haddonfield, NJ
hosted by Autism Society SWNJ

October 18th
AAP/NJ School Health Conference
Somerset, NJ
hosted by AAP/NJ

October 23rd
Learning Disabilities Association of NJ Conference
Livingston, NJ
hosted by LDANJ

October 30th
FARE (Food Allergies)
Cooper River Park
hosted by FARE

January 26th
Voorhees Rotary Breakfast Club

February 1st
Katz JCC, Cherry Hill Special Needs Fair

Voorhees, NJ  
·  Rutherford, NJ

Wall Township, NJ 
·  King of Prussia, PA
P: 855.852.8150     F: 856.784.1799
"The staff members at CNNH are unparalleled in their professionalism and passion to see our children succeed. I searched a long time to find a place like this for my children. It's a rare organization that can boast of such dynamic clinicians and diverse services."
- Jacqui E., mother of two sons with autism