APRIL 30, 2020
HOA Manager Vacancy
The Seis Lagos HOA Board would like to thank Christi Davidson for her service to our community over the past four years. Christi has chosen to pursue other opportunities, and we will miss her bright smile, kind heart, and deep commitment to serving Seis Lagos. We wish Christi all the best in her future endeavors.

The HOA manager position is currently open, and the Board has divided responsibilities in order to cover the vacancy. We appreciate your patience as we work through this transition. We hope to fill the position soon and are accepting resumes at this time. Please follow the link below to see a brief job description. Interested applicants may send letters of introduction and resumes to .  
HOA Meetings and Useful Links
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Next HOA Meeting:
May 11, 2020 meeting location is TBD

Next ACC Meeting:
May 10, 2020 meeting location is TBD
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Safety Officer and Amenities Update
We ask the community to join us in welcoming back the Seis Lagos Safety officers, they will be returning to work in the Guard house Friday, May 1st starting with the 7:00 am shift.  

As a community, we need to continue social distancing and when in groups outside your home. Here are some things you will see starting Friday:
  • The Safety Officers shall strive to safely maintain a minimum 6 foot separation with guests and vehicles.
  • No guests are allowed inside the guard house. Exceptions: immediate family, Law enforcement and the HOA Manager.
  • To assist the guards singing in guests and contractors please call (972) 442-3200 to let them know in advance

In addition, the tennis courts, hard court, and playground will open with the understanding that no more than four people may be in close contact with each other at any time. We ask that everyone please follow the guidelines set by our state authorities. We ask that you maintain healthy levels of personal responsibility, knowing that local authorities can enforce the governor’s guidelines set thus far.

The gym and pool will remain closed at this time per our state officials. 

We appreciate every community members’ suggestions and value your communication greatly. We are continuing to share any updates as efficiently as possible, and with great consideration from our members.

-HOA Board of Directors