Community Newsletter May 2018

Covenants Corner 

Administrative Assistant 

Community Manager - Chris Hashisaki
As you drive or walk through Tortosa, have you noticed the littering? How easy would it be to simply place those empty water bottles, fast food bags, and any other trash in an actual trash can? Arizona imposes a fine for littering. If you witness littering, get a license plate or contact Maricopa PD and report the incident. Help keep our Community clean!
Class A misdemeanor. Fine up to $500 (§534.040). First conviction of intentional littering: fine between $500 and $1,000, and eight hours community service in a litter abatement program. Second conviction: fine between $1,000 and $2,500, and 24 hours community service.
Covenants Corner - Shana Smith
Hello Tortosians!

I would like to take this time to talk about temporary home rentals a.k.a. Airbnb, VRBO, Home To Go, or Summer Rentals just to name a few. As tempting as it may be to rent your beautiful home out for a weekend, a week or even a month, please remember that this is not allowed in the Tortosa community. 

Per Article 4.23 of the Declaration for the Tortosa Homeowners Association, No lot may be leased for a period of less than three (3) consecutive months. Additionally, the Association is to be provided with a tenant information form certifying the tenant agrees to the Association CC&R's, Articles, Bylaws and Rules/Guidelines. Article IV, 4.23 Leasing;
Obligations of Tenants and Other Occupants.

Please help us in keeping Tortosa the family community that you know an love!
Administrative Assistant - Alejandra Reyes
Pesky Pest Season Is Here!

With the spring here and summer peaking, the (almost) inevitable pests are coming back! This would be a great time to hop ahead of them and let them know they are NOT welcome. Although you are definitely able to spray for these unwanted guests on your own, we are happy to let our residents know that with help from these awesome companies, Tortosa residents are able to get some great discounts on Pest Control. Here are a few options for Tortosa exclusive offers:
Maricopa Bug Busters, LLC Pest Control- (520) 423-9542

  • No start up fee
  • No Contract
  • Interior/garage included
  • Exterior Treatment
  • Cob web removal 
  • $40.00
Hunter Pest Control-  (480) 718-5578

  • $20 initial service
  • $60 every other month
  • No Contract 
  • Never an additional charge for interior treatment
Property Management Pest & Termite Control, LLC- (480)245-6422

  • Tortosa’s Community pest control company
  • $25 Exterior treatment at the time they are in Tortosa.
  • No Individual Contract 
Lifestyle - Christine Garcia 
Teen Fear Factor
Community Social
June 13th 9am
Father's Day Craft
Creatures Camp
Murder Mystery, Casino Night, Carnival, etc.
Tortosa Lifestyle Rewards!
Do you have your Tortosa Lifestyle Rewards Card yet? Stop by the office to pick one up and take advantage of the discounts throughout town for Tortosa residents! If you want to add your business, send me an email at

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