Pipeline rights-of-way can be identified by markers located at railroad crossings, fence lines, street crossings, and waterways. There are three types of marker posts that can be found at various locations along a pipeline right-of-way: pipeline, aerial, and casing vent. Learn more about different types of pipeline markers, what they indicate, and what information they share by watching the video below:

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Pipeline Markers: Guiding Safety

Pipeline markers, which are governed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), are crucial components of our safety arsenal. At road, railroad, and navigable canal crossings, these markings are placed strategically to show the approximate location of underground pipelines. They are also placed in the "line of sight" where possible along the right-of-way.

However, it's crucial to understand that pipeline markers serve specific functions:

Material Transported: The markers display the type of material being transported within the pipeline. The ability to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a crisis is made possible by this information, which is vital for emergency personnel.

Pipeline Operator: These signs include the name of the pipeline operator, providing a direct line of communication if you need to report a problem or get more information about the pipeline in your neighborhood.

Emergency Phone Number: In an emergency, communication must be swift. The emergency phone number on pipeline signs connects you to the proper authorities so that you may report problems or concerns right away.

It is important to remember that while markers indicate the general area of a pipeline's path, they do not show the exact depth or location; always call 811 before digging to be sure pipelines are properly marked and that digging can be completed safely.

Respecting these markers and their importance is essential. In addition to being reckless, it is also against the law to damage or remove pipeline signage. Such conduct is a federal offense that has severe repercussions, including $5,000 in fines and up to a year in jail.

This year on 811 Day, we hosted the Stockbridge Fire Department and the Ingham County Fire Department at our Stockbridge Station as part of Wolverine’s Partners in Pipeline Education (PIPE) Program.

In addition to a station tour, lunch was provided over a discussion on pipeline safety and incident response.

Thank you to the Stockbridge Fire Department and Ingham Township Fire Department for joining us on 811 Day!

Wolverine Pipe Line Company (Wolverine) held its much-anticipated Annual Tabletop Exercise in New Lenox, Illinois, during the week of August 22nd, in the spirit of preparation and devotion to safety. This exercise shows Wolverine's commitment to being fully prepared to respond to potential incidents.

This year's drill, held against the backdrop of the EPA's National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP), simulated a release along Wolverine's pipeline system that required the utmost degree of readiness and cooperation.

This year's drill featured two intensive days of training. Wolverine made every attempt to create a realistic and high-stress setting for participants at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Download Wolverine's Pipeline Safety Brochures

Download Excavator Brochure
Download Affected Public Brochure
Download Emergency Official Brochure
Download Farmer Brochure

PIPE Program

Wolverine's community outreach program is called the Partners in Pipeline Education or PIPE. Through the PIPE Program, we make personal connections to the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, Emergency Management Personnel, Government Officials and other stakeholders with whom we work with for normal operation and maintenance activities and in case of an actual emergency. We are currently scheduling virtual and in-person PIPE Presentations for the remaining calendar year. If interested in participating in this program, click here to contact Chelsea Yi.
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 Always remember to call 811 before you dig!
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