"Farmer to farmer, I recommend you call 811"
Protect yourself, your employees, and the vital infrastructure we rely on every day by following the 811 procedure. You may safeguard yourself and have a major impact on community safety by adhering to safe digging methods.
This spring, if you're thinking of working on any outside DIY projects, be sure to dial 811 before you start digging to avoid striking an underground utility line.

Before beginning any digging, dial 811 toll-free or go to Call811.com.
In 2023, Wolverine participated in 19 in-person Paradigm Liaison Meetings!
Wolverine Pipe Line Company just wrapped up sponsorship and participation in the 2023 Paradigm Liaison Program throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. These meetings took place in counties where Wolverine operates its ~700-mile pipeline system which transports gasoline and diesel fuel.

Paradigm is an educational program that takes place across the nation with the goal of engaging local contractors, excavators, public officials and emergency responders in a public safety and public awareness training related to pipelines. Pipeline operators are encouraged to participate in the regions where their pipeline exists so that meaningful relationships can be built with the attendees.

This year, Wolverine participated in a total of 19 Paradigm Liaison meetings. The meetings provided a great opportunity for Wolverine personnel to meet face-to-face and establish connections with Paradigm attendees. In total, 2,226 stakeholders attended Paradigm this year in the communities in which Wolverine operates. A breakdown of attendance by state is provided below:

  • Illinois - 4 Meetings, 616 Total Attendees
  • Indiana - 6 Meetings, 1,057 Total Attendees
  • Michigan - 9 Meetings, 553 Total Attendees

Wolverine’s participation in the 2023 Paradigm Liaison Program yielded significant outreach that supplements our regulatory compliance requirements. These meetings also proved beneficial and effective towards our continued efforts of increasing public awareness of our pipeline system's location and aspects with community partners and building strong relationships.
Joliet, IL - Contractor Damage Prevention & Pipeline Safety Program Breakfast
Alsip, IL - Emergency Responders & Public Official Lunch 
Download Wolverine's Pipeline Safety Brochures
PIPE Program
Wolverine's community outreach program is called the Partners in Pipeline Education or PIPE. Through the PIPE Program, we make personal connections to the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, Emergency Management Personnel, Government Officials and other stakeholders with whom we work with for normal operation and maintenance activities and in case of an actual emergency. We are currently scheduling virtual and in-person PIPE Presentations for the remaining calendar year. If interested in participating in this program, click here to contact Chelsea Yi.
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 Always remember to call 811 before you dig!
Wolverine Pipe Line Company is a fuel transportation company headquartered in Portage, Michigan. Wolverine operates ~700 miles of active pipeline transporting refined petroleum products from refineries in the Chicago area to the Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan markets. Wolverine transports approximately 30% of all gasoline and diesel fuel used in Michigan.