Consider all the ways in which you make use of fuel on a daily basis: whether for transportation, heating your home, operating machinery, or drying crops, pipelines ensure that economical fuel is delivered to you in a secure manner.
Wolverine's Commitment to Service is Celebrated Each Year on "Day of Caring"
At Wolverine Pipe Line Company (Wolverine), service to others is a cornerstone of our identity. Whether it’s the effort to transport the basic necessities for the industry of our nation or our specialized commitment to devote a day each year to the assistance of our local communities, we deeply care about the people we encounter.

At this year's Day of Caring, several of our team members assisted people in their community. David Brooks, Utility Station Operator from the Niles team volunteered his 21st of October to help a U.S. army veteran named Keith Knapp. Because Knapp was known to care for neighbors by repairing lawnmowers and snow-blowing their driveways in the winter, Brooks’ team was inspired to honor Knapp’s legacy of service. In addition to landscaping the veteran’s yard, Brooks and our Niles team made sure to fix the veteran’s back deck steps. Afterward, they pressure-washed Knapp’s garage and did yard work.

Reflecting on the day, Brooks said the opportunity to “do something for a person they are not able to do themselves,” drives him to volunteer in his community. Linda Strohl, Senior Nutrition Services for Meals on Wheels of Southwest Michigan, noticed that several of Wolverine’s Niles team were veterans themselves and invested in the neighborhoods they helped, “They were so good-natured, good-spirited, and they worked so hard.”

Spencer J. Welling, a Field Regulatory Specialist for Wolverine, had a similar experience. In September of this year, he and several others from our Portage Headquarters helped with a variety of projects at Pretty Lake Camp, which assists campers based on their financial, social, or emotional needs. Welling and his team deep-cleaned two grills for the campers, stained a deck, performed trail maintenance, cleaned windows, swept cabin floors, and did several landscaping jobs around the main buildings.
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Wolverine Adopts a Family for the Holidays
As in past years around this time, the Wolverine family has come together to give back to our local community. Through Company and individual employee donations, we have once again partnered with Family & Children Services’ Adopt-a-Family program to provide support to local families and children during the holiday season.

Wolverine employees supplied a local family this year with holiday gifts including toys, clothing, boots and other winter wear, household items such as bedding, small appliances and laundry supplies, personal hygiene items, and a grocery store gift card to purchase items for a holiday meal.
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PIPE Program
Wolverine's community outreach program is called the Partners in Pipeline Education or PIPE. Through the PIPE Program, we make personal connections to the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, Emergency Management Personnel, Government Officials and other stakeholders with whom we work with for normal operation and maintenance activities and in case of an actual emergency. We are currently scheduling virtual and in-person PIPE Presentations for the remaining calendar year. If interested in participating in this program, click here to contact Chelsea Yi.
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Wolverine Pipe Line Company is a fuel transportation company headquartered in Portage, Michigan. Wolverine operates ~700 miles of active pipeline transporting refined petroleum products from refineries in the Chicago area to the Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan markets. Wolverine transports approximately 30% of all gasoline and diesel fuel used in Michigan.