Tuesday, November 30th: Community Kid's Clinic
Kid's Vaccine Clinic 12:30-4:30
Stop the Mandate will be at Grand Valley Pediatrics/Community's Pediatric Clinic Tuesday from 12:30pm-4:30pm. Bring signs that protest lack of research, that point out the coercion and collusion that makes these clinics possible, also signs the say, "stop the bribery, the coercion, the bullying, the discrimination"... If you haven't come to one of these protests yet, please dig deep for your kids. Don't live with the regret that you could have acted and instead chose to let a small group attempt to do it for you.

Please come earlier if that works better so we can have coverage all day. Remember we are not protesting parent's choice in the matter. Please be respectful to parents and do not engage. We are protesting the erosion of choice that is quickly unfolding with the facilities who are getting paid for these weekly clinics, the state who is sponsoring them, the schools and businesses that have no business advertising them and the doctors who are giving them knowing that are often not doing a deep dive into that child's medical history, the vaccine studies themselves, patiently answering questions and giving adequate informed consent. Without these things, choice doesn't really exist. Add to it all the advertising, peer pressure, guilt trips and impending threat of needing them for school and choice is just a façade.
Please keep checking the resource page for support during Christmas. The programs that are supporting us will provide Christmas for an entire healthcare (or other industry that was forced to resign) family. Not just the kids! If you'd like to donate to heroes at Christmas, please leave gift cards at Rimrock Wellness or donate here.

Hope to see some new and old faces on Tuesday!

-The Stop the Mandate GJ Team