Path of Progress

"Hello, how are you. Very nice to meet you."

Patty greeted me warmly as I entered the Browns Mills home. She had with her a manilla folder, and explained that she had brought her grandson Colton's Individualized Support Plan (ISP).

"There are just a couple of things I wanted to go over with you that I thought you should know..."

As Patty fingered through the documents, she touched upon a number of challenging behaviors Colton had exhibited in the past and what sort of progress her grandson has made since entering Friends of Cyrus' care. Much to my surprise and delight, Patty re-read the same statement time and time again: these behaviors have not been exhibited since Colton moved into his Community Residence.

I asked Patty why she thought there was such a change in Colton since joining Friends of Cyrus. Her answer: the amazing staff that care for him day after day.

"Marisol, Taquana, Angie, all of the staff here…they’re all so good. They genuinely love what they’re doing. They don’t just tolerate Colton and his housemates - that’s the biggest difference I’ve seen between Friends of Cyrus and other agencies. Plus, the staff here always know what to do when presented with challenging behaviors."

Patty looked over to the living room where Colton and his housemates were participating in virtual Day Program with their Support Staff. She smiled, clearly enjoying how engaged and happy they all were in that moment.

"The staff care. They really, really care. It’s not a front - and I can tell."