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Diocese of Maine Exploring Faith Based Community Solar Farm Project
Sourcing electricity from instate renewables aligns strongly with our core values as a faith community.
September 20, 2019

The diocese has led two meetings to discuss the potential for faith communities, first in the CMP service area, to issue a Request for Proposal for a shared facility, owned and operated by a third party, that would supply the power for our facilities. If viable, we would follow up with another proposal for outside the CMP service area.

Shifting to renewable energy is also a responsible choice on purely financial metrics. The Portland Public School Board, for example, recently voted unanimously to issue an RFP for solar power to cover 80% of its energy needs—3,500 kW on about 9 acres of land. Their analysis showed a projected savings of over $50,000 (8%) each year, with no upfront costs. The price of power, moreover, will be known for 20 years, reducing budget risks. We believe that similar economies can be realized by bringing together the power needs of the many churches, synagogues, rectories, parish halls, and mosques.

The time to act is now. Maine recently enacted laws that make large-scale, cost-effective shared solar resources possible. On the other hand, federal investment tax credits are phasing out, with step-downs in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Moving rapidly will allow us to secure the lowest possible costs and to leverage the substantial interest in Maine solar projects sparked by the new laws.

We would like to issue an RFP to solar developers ASAP. To do so, we need you to provide us with information about your electric usage. Please answer this brief survey to help us build an accurate projection. Deadline for completion is Monday, September 30th.

Providing this information does not commit your parish to anything at this time.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

John Hennessy
John Hennessy |