Community Task Force to Finalize Report on Addressing Financial Challenges of Milwaukee Public Schools
Group of community leaders to hold fourth and final meeting December 10
MILWAUKEE, WI (December 9, 2019) The Community Task Force will conclude its work on Tuesday by finalizing a report that will be presented to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors.

The recommendation made to the Board will include urgently addressing the district’s financial needs and seeking every option to ensure students in Milwaukee Public Schools have the same opportunities as in neighboring districts. 

The task force also recommends exploring an operational referendum question to exceed the district’s current revenue limit. At the same time, it recommends finding a referendum amount that addresses—or begins to address—the district’s most urgent needs while also taking into consideration the high percentage of homeowners who already struggle to pay property taxes.

MPS' financial challenges are tied to Wisconsin's state-imposed revenue limits, which restrict the amount of money a district can receive through local property taxes and state aid. MPS has a low revenue limit, receiving far less per pupil than any of its neighboring districts.

Task force Co-chairs Peter Feigin and Kimberly Walker will present the report to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors at the Committee on Strategic Planning and Budget on Thursday, December 12 schduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Feigin is president of the Milwaukee Bucks, while Walker serves as COO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and is a parent of student currently enrolled in MPS schools. Additional task force members include business, education, and civic leaders from across the city. 

The fourth task force meeting will begin Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Bradley Tech High School, located at 700 S. Fourth St. in Milwaukee. The meeting is open to the media and public.

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