July 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

For the past 4 months, Community Teamwork’s Child and Family Services has worked diligently to support children and families remotely and to prepare for our reopening on a reduced basis. We serve 1400 children/families in the Lowell area: Family Child serves 300 children, Early Ed serves 600 children and Before/After School serves 500 children. We also provide nutrition and transportation to access care.

Parents need 10-hours of care daily to enable them to work and our ability to support that is essential. To that end, we have assessed all families to prioritize a care plan for each family. We began staggered openings on Monday, July 6th, with all of our School Age programs open and Family and Child Care is open with 27 Lowell providers and 10 Wakefield providers. We are now in our 3rd week of being open and will soon be at 50% capacity - which is our maximum.

We have developed strong policies and procedures to ensure that proper PPE is provided, and all Massachusetts Early Education and Care (EEC) restrictions and guidelines are followed. We are adhering to the 3-6 foot guidelines of social distance which has meant the rearrangement of all of our classrooms. There are increased levels of cleaning and 100% of the staff are on duty. We do attestations daily to screen every employee, child and parent. All staff have been trained on these processes and procedures. In addition, our nurse consultant will continue to help us with PPE and health and safety training as we identify challenges or adjustments that need to be made to deal with any potential medical issues that may arise.

In many ways, reopening has been like the first day of school all over again. The children will be in what looks like a new space, and may have a different teacher. They have had to re-familiarize themselves with their environment and the idea of wearing a mask. We are so thankful to our parents and children who have been amazingly resilient in adapting to this new world, and are keenly aware of the social impact and challenges this pandemic has placed on them.

Child and Family Services will continue to work on multiple contingency plans for the Fall, when we know the need for care will only increase. If you or someone you know needs assistance of any kind, please contact us at the number and email below: 

For child care specific questions – please call 978.454.5100 or email ChildcareCovidCTI@commteam.org .

Covid-19 Emergency Hotline 

Updates are frequently posted on our website:

While we are all operating in a new world these days, please know Community Teamwork is here for you to help in any way we can. We are so grateful to our funders and donors who continue to support our mission.

We wish you continued health and peace,
Karen Frederick, CEO
Volunteer Center at CTI
Mill City Mentors and Senior Corps Volunteer Programs
 (RSVP, Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents)
Feedback from our first eMentoring Family within the Mill City Mentor Program - One of the first of its kind in this type of program in the state.

"We have been working with Ed Banks from Mill City Mentors since April of this year. We had a case open with the Department of Child and Family Services, and our case worker had suggested Mill City Mentors to us after we had asked about any resources for a Big Brother/Big Sister program in the area. We have an 8 year old son, Luke, who is an only child, so he doesn’t have any siblings as an outlet to express emotions when he needs it. With the stay at home advisory in place the past few months, it was even harder to help him find someone he could talk to other than us. He instantly clicked with Ed after the first time talking to him which we as parents were surprised with because he is usually very shy when he first meets someone. He was so more than ecstatic to learn he had someone he could play Minecraft with.

Since we started the mentoring sessions, Luke is ALWAYS looking forward to hanging out with Ed. Ed has been so cooperative and accommodating with scheduling, and we can’t thank him enough for adapting to these virtual zoom meets due to everything going on with Covid. Luke was playing Minecraft next to me the other night and showed me the house he was building for Ed in his Minecraft world. He is really looking forward to when stay at home advisory is lifted, so they can do more activities together. We as a family truly have loved having Ed and Mill City Mentors in our lives the past few months. We really look forward to continuing this relationship with Ed and the program and would be more than open to let anyone curious about it know about our experience."  - eMentoring parent.

Entrepreneurship Center @CTI
In the last weeks, the Entrepreneurship Center at Community Teamwork has been working on a campaign to #shoplocal , to invest in your community, to buy from a small business, to educate on the re-opening of businesses, and to help diminish the fear in consumers with safety measures. We are also producing some content in Spanish.

Please click the link to take a look at some local entrepreneurs that we are highlighting on our YoutubeChannel and check out our blog

Thank you our Annual Partners who help Community Teamwork fulfill our mission each and every day.

We appreciate their continued generosity.
Richard K. and Nancy L. Donahue Charitable Foundation

George and Carol Duncan
Steve Mallette/New England Medical Insurance Agency
There are ALWAYS Ways to Help
If you find yourself in a position to help, your contribution will aid our efforts on every front as we work together to defeat COVID-19, care for our clients and families in their hour of greatest need, and emerge stronger than ever. 

To make a donation to help Community Teamwork fulfill its mission, please

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