June 2021
Dear Friends,

We remain busy at Community Teamwork this Spring and grateful for the recent recognition we have received by the State of Massachusetts who has approved our Community Investment Plan by increasing our allocation of Tax Credits to $200K for 2021. This allows our donors to double their donations by providing a 50% credit and/or refund to any donors who give $1000 or more this year. Many of you have taken advantage of this Community Investment Tax Credit Program and we are happy to be able to offer these credits again this year.

We are also grateful to the Cummings Foundation who has awarded our YouthBuild Culinary Program a $100K Cummings Grant as part of its $25 Million Grant Program. This award will help to support our Culinary Arts Vocational program for at-risk youth interested in the hospitality industry, an industry we know is in need of a labor force.

And lastly, we recently celebrated and thanked all of our employees here at Community Teamwork at our All Staff Day. We are so grateful to each of them for the challenges they were able to overcome this past year in order to continue to keep our programs running, and provide the much needed services to our community. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and, as always, thank you for your ongoing support.

We wish you continued health and happiness,
Karen Frederick, CEO
Community Teamwork
Community Teamwork selected for 2021 Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credits

Community Teamwork, Inc. is once again selected as a Community Partner and awarded a 2021 allocation of Community Investment Tax Credits in the amount of $200,000 from the Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Program. The Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) was first signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick on August 6, 2012 as part of a larger economic development bill and the program has continued under Governor Charles Baker.

CITC is designed to enable local residents and stakeholders to double their giving by working with Community Development Corporations (CDCs) such as Community Teamwork in order to help improve economic opportunities for low and moderate income households and other residents in urban, rural, and suburban communities across the Commonwealth. 

This credit award is applied to any qualified investment of $1000 or more Community Teamwork receives from individuals, corporations or Foundations in 2021. It provides a 50% tax credit and/or refund against Commonwealth of Massachusetts tax liability. The CITC program is a refundable tax credit and is available on a first-come-first-serve as basis.

To find out more about how your donation may qualify for a tax credit or refund, please contact us at CITC@commteam.org, or contact Kathleen Plath at 978-654-5640

Staff Appreciation Day with Senior Staff Pictured (L_R): Bill Lipchitz, Karen Frederick, Penny Judd, Amy Kullberg, Bob Seymour, Barbara Warren, Meghan Adams Siembor, Carl Howell, Ann Huey Sirois, Gino Sanchez, Maria Lucci, Lisa Wholey, Ron Falcone, Wendy Rubio, NOT PICTURED Kathleen Plath
Community Teamwork Staff Appreciation Day

The Staff was entertained by comedian Joe Zimmerman, followed by awards for
service (5-50 years) and specialty awards: Jackie Pintal Award: Isadora Chiribi; Team Award: Information Technology Department- including former Director Brian Nestor, current Director Bob Seymour, Sam Rous, Cliff Morin, Nate Derov and Steven April; Rookie of the Year: Veasna "Mao" Kang; Calmer of Storms: Early Learning Center Directors - including Laura Jensen, Erica Debreceni, Erin Lauredant, Lornablair Syesta, Kristen Hovey-Ramey, Janelle DeLosSantos, Jen Rosa and LeaAnn Hubert; Manager of the Year: Marisol Cerezo, Angela Say and Sarah Seguin; and the FIRST-EVER Bill Lipchitz Award: Pipheak "Tom" Sun for his heroic effort in managing the ever burgeoning RAFT program throughout the pandemic.

The day was capped off with a celebration at Heritage Farm Ice Cream & Restaurant on Pawtucket Blvd in Lowell. The ice creams and CTI picnic blankets were delivered by Senior Staff. Congratulations and Thank you -Especially to Bill Lipchitz (pictured far left), honored for 50 years of service at CTI!

Community Teamwork awarded $100,000 Cummings Grant

Community Teamwork is one of 140 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 to $500,000 each through Cummings Foundation’s $25 Million Grant Program. Community Teamwork was chosen from a total of 590 applicants, during a competitive review process...
“We are beyond thrilled to receive this grant from the Cummings Foundation. These funds will enable our YouthBuild program to continue to train at-risk youth in the culinary arts and prepare them for future careers in the local hospitality industry, which is experiencing a serious labor shortage. We could not carry out our mission without the generosity of people like Joyce and Bill Cummings.”, stated Karen Frederick, Chief Executive Officer.
Community Teamwork will use the funding from the Cummings Foundation to support its Culinary Arts Vocational Tract for at-risk youth interested in entering the hospitality industry. After a recent successful capital campaign, Community Teamwork was able to install a new state of the art commercial kitchen at its Youth Opportunity Center at 167 Dutton Street...

The complete list of 140 grant winners, plus more than 800 previous recipients, is available at www.CummingsFoundation.org.

New YouthBuild CoHort Starting

Contact: Siobhan Sheehan or Tim Caldwell, 978.446.9803

CTI Community Needs Assessment underscores need for Affordable Housing in Greater Lowell

In at least three Greater Lowell communities, more than half of renters are what the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development considers rent-burdened, meaning they spend 30% or more of their household income on rent.

In Lowell, it’s 55% of renters, in Tewksbury 53% and in Dracut 51%. Chelmsford and Billerica aren’t that far behind, at 45% and 43%, respectively.

Since 2010, the rental vacancy rate across the region has dropped significantly, even with modest increases in total rental housing stock in communities like Billerica, Lowell and Westford, showing the demand has far outpaced the growth.

These were among the findings of Community Teamwork Inc.’s 2021 Community Needs Assessment, underscoring the region’s need for more affordable housing. “People need it, and the community does not have enough of it,” said CTI Director of Planning and Quality Improvement Ann Sirois.

CTI conducts a community needs assessment every three years as part of its strategic planning process. “We do a whole host of things, but a big piece of it is really sitting down and trying to gather data directly from the community to try to find out what it is that everyone around here says that they need and what they think their neighbors need,” Sirois said.

WIC offers Expanded Fruit and Vegetable Benefits
Welcome back to WIC!

WIC is expanding fruit and vegetable benefits for women and children from $11 to $35 per month starting in June through September.

Not enrolled in WIC? Apply online today at www.mass.gov/wic

For more information about your local WIC, visit www.commteam.org/wic and @CTILowellWIC on Facebook and Instagram.
Emergency Rent and Mortgage Assistance (ERMA)
AND Rental Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Application
Community Teamwork is pleased to offer new financial assistance programs for families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and state of emergency.

The Emergency Rent and Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) Program, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development, provides up to $10,000 of direct funding to eligible households. ERMA can help to fund payments for rent or mortgage arrears accrued no earlier than April 1, 2020 or upcoming rent or mortgage payments.


Energy Conservation Coordinator

We are seeking a Residential Energy Auditor (Energy Conservation Project Coordinator) who will be responsible for visiting customers’ homes to evaluate how energy efficient their home is.

The individual in this role will evaluate homes for energy efficiency by completing energy conservation audits, checking the home for insulation, heat loss, air infiltration and inefficient and inoperable heating equipment.

During the audit, we provide homeowners with no-cost energy saving products and information about heating system upgrades.

Energy Auditors make recommendations for insulation, air sealing, and heating system upgrades and help homeowners act on these offerings to help reduce their energy consumption, save money, and be more comfortable in their homes.

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We appreciate their continued generosity and the generosity of all of our donors.

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