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August 2019
SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study - Chapter 6: The Community Suit
 By LeAnne Nesbitt
Birth Mother of SoulCollage®
Seena Frost (Community Suit)
by LeAnne Nesbitt

I Am One Who encourages others towards self-discovery, healing, and transformation. I Am One Who is always seeking ways to use what I've learned to teach and enrich the lives of others.

While it may seem odd to start a book study series at Chapter 6, Community cards play a central role in the SoulCollage® origin story. In SoulCollage® Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery & Community, Seena Frost shares how her participation in a three-year program led by Jean Houston inspired Seena to create over 100 cards representing each of her cohorts in the program (p. 32). The rest, as they say, is history.

The cards in the Community Suit honor the communal dimension of Soul (p. 10). They represent entities external to us, but which nevertheless exert a powerful influence in the formation of our personal, or "local" story. Our Community Neters can also help us become more aware of the interconnection of all beings and our place within the "larger" story.

In the chapter devoted to the Community Suit, Seena offers several questions to help readers identify the Neters that may belong in their deck (p. 34). She encourages us to consider making cards for those in our community whom we may dislike or find challenging, because they may have something to teach us. However, she cautions against including those who are unbalanced or "totally toxic" (p. 39). The Community Suit is reserved for energies that are supportive to our growth.

The most common type of card in the Community Suit represents people known to us in our daily lives, but we can also include those who have passed, or those beings we've never met whose have touched our lives in some way. For example, for us Facilitators, no SoulCollage® deck would be complete without a card honoring founder, Seena Frost. While I've never met Seena, she has impacted my life in a meaningful way, and her wisdom lives through me as I practice and teach SoulCollage®.

Other Types of Community Cards

The Community Suit can also include groups, pets and even places. These types of cards are perhaps less common, but no less important. I'd like to share a few examples from my deck.

Groups (p. 34)

Birds of a Feather: Women of AA and Al-Anon
(Community Suit)

by LeAnne Nesbitt

I Am One Who is part of a diverse, wise and supportive circle of women on a journey of recovery.

For the past five years, I've been invited to lead a short SoulCollage® workshop at an annual retreat for women in 12-Step recovery. I'm given only an hour in the schedule of events, so the workshop is almost 100% experiential with only basic instruction. Nevertheless, the workshop grows in popularity each year and roughly one-third of the 200 or so participants will choose SoulCollage® over the other offerings available to them in that time slot.

Many women return year after year. Even though they may not make cards in the interim, they tell me they display their cards at home, and what deep meaning they hold. The brevity of the workshop relative to these women's responses affirms for me the powerful potential of this work. Seena no doubt felt this as she made her first cards in the late-80s.

Each year, the retreat has a different theme, and I create a card that relates to it in some way. This card was inspired by the theme "Birds of a Feather Recover Together." In the months leading up to the workshop, I searched magazines for images of women that reflected the diversity found in the recovery community. This card reminds me of the importance of this community to me. I am grateful for how the wisdom of these women comes through in direct and specific ways, with the right guidance exactly when I need to hear it.

Pets (p. 34)
Crockett (Community Suit)
by LeAnne Nesbitt

I Am One Who gives love and joy to everyone I meet. I Am a soothing and healing presence.

Seena had many pets over the years, so she created a single card featuring pets past and present as a group. I've had only a few pets in my lifetime, and only one is represented in my deck. But he is quite special.

Crockett came into our lives shortly after my eldest son, a Marine, returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. Like so many young men and women who have returned from war, he found himself in a different kind of battle back at home. I'm happy to report he's doing quite well at present, but those early days were difficult for our family. We considered a service animal, but he was resistant to the idea, saying others were more in need. He was, however, open to a dog. So we adopted Crockett.

Although not a trained service animal, Crockett played an integral role in my son's healing from the trauma of war - and our entire family experienced healing in relationship to this beloved animal. The background of fireworks is a nod to his July 4th birthday and his ebullient personality. I can't help but smile when I gaze upon it.

When I draw Crockett from my deck, he invites me to consider where I might need to offer, to myself or others, the simple unconditional love he so effortlessly embodies.

Honoring Special Places (p. 35)
The Meeting Place: New Hope Bluff, Sewanee, TN
(Community Suit)

by LeAnne Nesbitt

I Am One Who invites you into silence and solitude. I Am One Who holds sacred space for inner knowing to surface. I Am One Who offers respite for your soul.

Ten years ago, it seemed every aspect of my life - relationships, work, health, and spirituality - was in turmoil. My own mid-life crisis had arrived right on time --a universal experience that Dante so aptly described in the Divine Comedy:

In the middle of the journey of my life, I came to myself in a dark wood, where the direct way was lost. It is a hard thing to speak of, how wild, harsh and impenetrable that wood was, so that thinking of it recreates the fear.

Indeed, it was a dark and frightening period. All my best thinking was simply leading me in circles, so I decided to take a few days and retreat into silence and solitude and listen for divine wisdom.

This card is comprised of photographs I took while on the first of many visits to the small woodland cottage atop Monteagle Mountain in Sewanee, Tennessee. What I experienced during that first visit was nothing short of mystical, and in the middle of it, I committed to returning once a quarter in the year ahead. My time on the mountain that year changed the trajectory of my life significantly. I still return once a year in the fall - a sacred pilgrimage I intend to continue for as long as I am able.

In this chapter, Seena shares her own practice of drawing a card from the Community Suit each day as her "Neter for the Day" (p. 37) and goes on to affirm that we can also expect synchronicities, or "meaningful coincidences" to occur when we do that practice (p 40). I experienced such a synchronicity recently when a friend suggested I consider a weekend of respite in a natural setting after a prolonged season of great loss, change and frenetic activity. The next morning, I drew the Meeting Place card. Heeding its wisdom and honoring the synchronicity of its appearance, I immediately called to make a reservation on the soonest available weekend. With the cottage usually booked months in advance, I was surprised and delighted to find there was availability on the weekend that worked best for my current schedule.

While the SoulCollage® process is deeply personal work, it could not have become what it is today without the community that inspired and nurtured it. Today, the vibrant and active community of practitioners, Trainers, and Facilitators brings SoulCollage® to a world that needs community more than ever before.

LeAnne Nesbitt is a SoulCollage® Facilitator from Nashville, Tennessee and holds certificates in Spiritual Direction and Dream Work from the Haden Institute. She believes in the healing power of images and metaphor and uses dream work, poetry, and a variety of intuitive creative practices to help others connect to inner divine wisdom. LeAnne also serves as the Executive Newsletters Editor and Soul-cial™ Media Coordinator for SoulCollage®

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SoulCollage® has evolved into an international community of Facilitators and SoulCollagers enjoying and sharing this simple, yet profound, process. Seena's award winning book SoulCollage® Evolving, gives the basic instructions for how to make and do readings with SoulCollage® cards, and describes how individuals and groups are using this process with different age groups and in many socioeconomic, cultural, and religious contexts to discover their wisdom and change their world.

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An Invitation to SoulCollage® Featuring Seena Frost
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Seena Frost writes about creating community in the April 2012 Community Update Newsletter.
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