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December 2019
SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study
Chapter 8: The Council Suit   
 By Judith Heidrich

In this chapter, Seena Frost writes about the hundreds of archetypes - universal patterns in human experience -- found in cultures around the world and lists some on page 60. However, she writes, the cards in any one SoulCollager's Council Suit consist of those particular archetypes " who are actively at work and at play in your unique Soul" (p. 55, italics hers) -- or of those resting ones that will be awakened when the time is right. In this article, I describe the impact of certain archetypes on me, as well as those that surfaced for the men in my SoulCollage® groups in a trauma/addiction recovery center.

Black Madonna

Seena introduces the Council Suit in a SoulCollage® deck as "the most mysterious of the four suits" (p. 55). My card Black Madonna expresses that mystery for me, partly since I've heard many stories about her statues around the world performing miracles. When I see her, I feel reverence for her and her power, and awe at her strength. On my card, the earth is behind her because she is a sacred guardian of the earth; she presides over the planet. She wears the essence of the earth even in her necklace. She births winged beings from her heart and sends them to the earth as protectors. Perhaps she is one expression of the Protector archetype.

Black Madonna (Council Suit)
by Judith Heidrich

I Am Black Madonna. My origins and miracles are mysterious. I Am your guide into the mysterious.

On page 56, Seena quotes C.G. Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961), on his discovery that his patients' dreams, fantasies, and art showed the same patterns, symbols, and motifs also found throughout history and around the world, as Black Madonna is -- even when they had no conscious knowledge of these other cultures. Seena was even more influenced by post-Jungian thinker, James Hillman, founder of Archetypal Psychology. Although Hillman became an analyst at the Jung Institute, he diverged from Jung in that he saw these many universal patterns in human experience as influencing our individual lives profoundly. Black Madonna is a variant of the Earth Mother archetype; the images on my card convey one expression of that archetype.

Also, on page 56, Seena quotes a passage from Hillman that resonates with my own response to the Black Madonna: "An archetype is best compared with a god. And gods, religions sometimes say, are less accessible to the senses and to the intellect than they are to the imaginative vision and emotion of the soul" ( Blue Fire, p. 24).

Birthed into Evolution (Council Suit)
by Judith Heidrich

I Am One Who follows the pattern of all creation. I am birthed into the pattern and begin my evolution.

Council Neters have a unique energy, says Seena, to expand us beyond our small local stories, weaving us into the Larger Stories being played out in the world (p. 56). Many of the miracles attributed to Black Madonna have involved healing. As a mental health counselor for 25 years, I can see how this archetype has shaped my life. But I sense there is much more to Black Madonna than she has yet revealed. Seena reminds us to " Honor the unknowing .... Let the meaning incubate, change, unfold" (p. 60).

Inspiring and Shaping My Local Story

Three of my archetypal SoulCollage® cards seem connected with my long-time keen interest in psycho-spiritual transformation. Seena would say that this archetype is inspiring me and shaping the local story of my personal life and work.

This symbol has intrigued and called to me since I was a teenager. Just seeing it makes me feel part of the bigger unfolding.

Death (Council Suit) by Judith Heidrich

I Am One Who speaks of death, of transformation from one form, one dimension, one mystery to the next. I hold the energy of both endings and beginnings. I hold the love and experience of elders and ancestors whom I have carried and attended to during transition. I Am One Who holds reverence for dark and light, completion and renewal.

The very first SoulCollage® card I ever made was my Death card. As Seena puts it , "The essential energy of Death is transformation, ... moving on..., some kind of change. The images you choose for this card will reflect your deepest sense of this archetype [...]" (p.68).

Death (Council Suit)
I Am One Who speaks of death, of transformation from one form, one dimension, one mystery to the next. I hold the energy of both endings and beginnings. I hold the love and experience of elders and ancestors whom I have carried and attended to during transition. I Am One Who holds reverence for dark and light, completion and renewal.

In 2005, when I made this card, three close relatives of mine had all recently died. Death entered my orbit at that time in my life in a way I had never experienced before. I now know that they were all letting me know that they had made it into the light and would be there for me when it was my turn to make that journey.

Wise Women Ancestors (Council Suit)
by Judith Heidrich

We Are your ancestors. We hold and cherish your place in our lineage. You will soon be one of us. Until then, know that we see you, watch over you, and will show you the way.
Wise Women Ancestors continues this theme: birth, maturation, and evolution beyond one lifetime.

I just love this card! Each has had her own story, told so brilliantly on her face. They want me to have my own adventures while here on planet earth; they say that I am on my way to being a Wise Woman Ancestor, and that I too will have a deep story to tell. Once I cross over into the next realm, with their love and assistance, I will then be in the lineage. It is such an honor to be in line for this blessing and to know that I will have contributed.

SoulCollage® with Men in Recovery from Trauma/ Addiction

For 4 ½ years I facilitated therapeutic SoulCollage® groups at a male-exclusive trauma/addiction treatment center in Florida. During our groups, Council cards representing The Addict, Recovery, Higher Power, Higher Self, Abuse, Courage, Strength, Death, Relapse, Trauma, and Gratitude were abundant and impressive in their power to help these men heal. They had no problem diving right into this powerful Suit. Most of them approached it as Warriors because they were on a healing journey and ready to receive higher guidance. As Seena suggests , they browsed images by "letting [their] less conscious Soul[s] reach for what is powerful ...and mysterious," even fearful (p.69).

The World's Larger Story

Seena quotes at the end of Chapter 8 (p.70) the last few lines of a poem by D.H. Lawrence, "Song of a Man Who Has Come Through," which is about allowing the archetypes currently moving the world's Larger Story to shape your personal story as well.

What is the knocking?
What is the knocking at the door in the night?
It is somebody wants to do us harm.
No, no, it is the three strange angels.
Admit them, Admit them.

The invitation to meet these sometimes-strange archetypes has been revealing. I feel they found me, then waited patiently until I was ready to welcome and incorporate them at a more conscious level. I have been astounded and immeasurably enriched as each has walked through my door.

Judith Heidrich, MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with nearly 25 years in the clinical mental health field, a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2012, and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner for over 20 years. Judy specializes in trauma resolution and psycho-spiritual transformation via integrated mind/body modalities and approaches.

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Author: Seena Frost

The Council Suit is CD #4 in Your SoulCollage® Cards series. Cards in the Council Suit represent different archetypal energies, energies that are universal patterns or themes on planet Earth.

Author: Dvorah Simon

Mercy - A book of poems that blesses the pain and beauty of the human journey.

Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc. is proud to announce that Mercy has been selected by Nautilus Book Awards as a 2009 Nautilus Silver Award winner. (2008) 170 pp. Softcover. 6 x 9 inches

The Voices of Our Addictions :Transformations Through SoulCollage®

Kat talks about the convergence of art and addictions. Excerpted with permission from a tele-class.

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