SoulCollage® Community Update
January 2018
Self-Care and Comfort
Through SoulCollage®:
Hospice for Youth
by Diane Van Dyk

Dragon (Council Suit)
by Diane van Dyk

I Am One Who is both beauty-filled and hideous.
South Coast Hospice (SCH), where I am CEO, is situated in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In our early years we focused on palliative care and support of people who were terminally ill, mainly cancer patients; this remains an integral part of our service. However, the devastation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic brought this hospice to the forefront of the battle, as we pioneered the care and support of people dying from an illness that had no name and plenty of shame. When I worked in corporations I was known as "Dragon Lady;" my fierceness has come in handy in this very challenging job.

South Coast Hospice's care and support began against a backdrop of political violence which compounded the devastating effects on communities living in abject poverty. Children and vulnerable groups were the most affected. In some instances, we have had to provide clothes and hygiene products such as sanitary pads. Many orphans found themselves caring for their siblings, which hindered their ability to come to terms with their own grief and loss. Many of these youth are HIV-positive from birth and in most cases have experienced trauma and abuse as well.

Compassionate Carer (Council Suit)
by Winnie, SCH staff member
The children's team at SCH established an ongoing Memory Box project which encourages young children to come together in a safe environment and tell their stories through art, dance and music, facilitated by social workers and psychologists. We work closely with schools who identify young people who will benefit from the workshop. Now, 25 years later and with treatment available, the death numbers have decreased; however, life is pretty grim for this "lost generation." The barriers that influence adherence to treatment are at times insurmountable.

I experienced Catherine Anderson's first SoulCollage® workshop in South Africa and, following the principles set out in Seena Frost's books, I have been making cards of my own. My cards have allowed me to understand what drives me. Most importantly, they have led me to seek out and love the Compassionate Carer archetype. I jumped at the opportunity to bring this treasure to the youth; our Memory Book workshops now include the SoulCollage® process.  

Young Hospice Patients Show SoulCollage® Cards - photo by Ronel Fitchet

Through the creative use of SoulCollage®, they dig deep within themselves and identify and depict their personal story through images. Izithombe Zempilo Yami, "my life pictures," allows the participants to make a space to seek their source of comfort and support. When they were given the opportunity to make their cards, I was concerned at first that the concept was too foreign to their daily struggle. The results were overwhelming, both in the beauty of the cards and the openness of their " I Am One Who" statements. I was close to tears and I was humbled when they shared part of themselves with us.

Hospice Youth in Classroom - photo by Ronel Fitchet

Many Facesby Anonymous

I Am One Who listens to the voices in my head. I Am One Who has many faces and hides behind different images.

The school classrooms where we meet with the youth are in exceptionally poor condition, dirty and with broken windows and desks. I like to prepare the room to create a place of comfort in the harsh surroundings. The youth silently sieve through a large variety of pictures and select three or four that appeal to them the most. They are encouraged not to over-think the process and are assured that there is no right or wrong way in the selection.

My Memory Book
with SoulCollage® Card

by Nolwazi Shibe

I Am One Who took drugs, and thought I'd find happiness in drugs. I Am One Who sits alone in a dark space. I Am One Who is at peace like river. I Am One Who would hide myself, so I won't be hurt. I Am One Who wishes to be with my mum again.

SoulCollage® workshops allow each individual to acknowledge themselves, without having to start with the words that at times can be nearly impossible for them to find. Many have been beaten down by the harshness they face every day. At a young age they have traveled down a path which has led to remorse and regret; actions taken to survive their situation often reflect an attitude that appears cold and detached.
Through this creative process of identifying and acknowledging themselves and allowing the words to come through unrehearsed, a crack is made for the light to come in and for the inner light to shine.

Luyanda Yalo
photo by Ronel Fitchet

This article is in memory of Luyanda Yalo who attended our first Memory Book/SoulCollage® workshop. Sumone Rajee, the workshop facilitator, says "He was a very quiet, reserved person. He enjoyed the workshop tremendously, took time and pride in making his book, and interacted with the group. He became very ill after the workshop so we added extra visits." May he rest in peace.

Diane van Dyk took her first SoulCollage® workshop from Catherine Anderson in Ixopo, South Africa, over 10 years ago. She was trained by Catherine as a SoulCollage® Facilitator in October 2016. As CEO of South Coast Hospice for the past six years (and a volunteer for over 12), she combines her tough business attitude with her passion for bringing about change in peoples' lives in a positive way.

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