SoulCollage® Community Update
March 2020
SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study: 
Chapter 19, "Becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator"
By Marcia Chadly

Learning the story of Indra's net from Seena Frost is one of my strongest memories from my SoulCollage® Facilitator Training. Seena told us of the infinite net hanging above the Buddhist deity Indra's palace in the heavens (p. 177). A many-faceted jewel hangs at each connection of threads in the net. Each jewel reflects the other jewels, as well as the reflections in all the other jewels. Her story opened our imaginations to the endless reflections of reflections of reflections connecting the jewels together. As soon as I heard the story, I connected to its Truth, seeing myself as both reflecting and being reflected by other people.

New Facilitators Place Jewel-Selves on the Net - photo by
Marcia Chadly 
Later in the training, I created a mysterious card that is still part of my deck. The background is a single large eye. At the top is a young woman's face with colored lights reflected on it. Across the middle of the card is a hand shape that is filled with clouds and a blue sky; instead of being enclosed in skin, this hand opens like a window onto the infinite.

When we paired up to practice I Am One Who... with our new cards, I had no idea what this card might mean. I started speaking slowly, "I Am One Who..." Then it hit me: "I Am One Who is edgeless. I Am One Who is part of Indra's net." Without knowing it, I had created a card for Indra's net and for myself within it. Now I knew the story both in words and in images that express its meaning for me personally.

Indra's net is a special symbol in the SoulCollage® Facilitator community, celebrating both our shared oneness and our many-ness of unique individuals. At the end of Seena's Facilitator Trainings, each new Facilitator symbolically joined the Facilitator community by gluing a jewel on a depiction of Indra's net that Seena fashioned out of a fisherman's net and material from her wedding dress. SoulCollage® Trainers still continue this tradition today.

My Community card for Seena includes photos taken during my Facilitator Training and faceted, sparkling jewels as reminders of Indra's net.

Seena Frost (Community Suit) by Marcia Chadly
I Am One Who trained you. I Am One Who loves to watch this amazing process spread through the world. 

Facilitator Training equips you to share SoulCollage® with friends, clients, or in other ways, as an effective and empowering SoulCollage® Facilitator. Every new Facilitator joins the SoulCollage® cluster of jewels within Indra's net. This confers access to a wealth of resources and support from SoulCollage Inc., as well as permission to use "SoulCollage®" in workshop titles and to call yourself a SoulCollage® Facilitator (pp. 178-179).

The four-day Training totals a bountiful twenty-four hours of learning through doing. It is a community-based experience and is not offered online or individually (p. 180).

Two Facilitators-to-Be at a 2018 Facilitator Training - Photo by Marcia Chadly   
Being together in person adds a special layer to the training experience. During my Training in 2007, most of us stayed at a hotel in Santa Cruz and carpooled to the Training location each day. One night we returned to the hotel's parking garage to find a group from the Training standing around a car with a flat tire and talking about what service to call to come fix it. Having had more tire-changing experience than I really wanted, I had the skills to help. Working together with a friend to put on the spare was a personally empowering experience of helping my community. Months later that memory inspired me to include a tire and a wrench on a SoulCollage® card that symbolizes having the tools and skills I need to get places.

At the end of the Training, each of us becomes part of the worldwide community of Facilitators whose jewels infinitely reflect in each other with support and inspiration. I went through Training with two other women from Colorado, and we manifested support and inspiration from each other by starting an LLC when we got home. For the next few years, we enjoyed creating and giving SoulCollage® programs around the Denver area together.

My Community Suit includes a card I made for the three of us. Front and center on the card is a picture of us all, arms around each other, at our first workshop. The card says, "We Are Ones Who trained together. We Are Ones Who gave from our souls to each other and to the people who came to our workshops."

Marcia Chadly delights in the wisdom, connection, and expression reflected among the living jewels of the Indra's net of the SoulCollage® community. She has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007 and a Trainer of Facilitators since 2018. Marcia lives in Colorado between Denver and Boulder. Click here for Marcia's free guide with five tips to get the most out of Facilitator Training and a list of handy SoulCollage® resources. Visit Marcia's website:   

It's so convenient to have your cards at the ready on your phone or iPad. No matter where you are, you can pull cards, do readings, and save your readings with notes for future reference on the app. Don't leave home without it!

SoulCollage® is an accessible collage process with practical applications. It's easy to learn, and inexpensive. Best of all, it inspires individual creativity, fosters self-discovery, and encourages good communication in families, groups, and communities.

Founder Seena B. Frost's first book ignited a worldwide interest in SoulCollage®, which invites anyone to be creative and undertake an adventure of self-discovery.

From the SCU Archives
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Purchase and download this recorded video courseFundamentals of SoulCollage® with Kat Kirby, to start your SoulCollage® deck or to prepare for the Facilitator Training.

You will receive an overview of SoulCollage®: the Suits, Transpersonal Cards, history of the process, and examples and discussions. A sixteen-page handout to be used for your own SoulCollage® practice is included, as well as two videos and two audio files of the interactive course. The Fundamentals of SoulCollage® course is a prerequisite for the SoulCollage® Training.
If a Training is listed as " FULL," please connect with the Trainer to be put on  
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March 5-8, 2020  - Catherine Anderson 
USA  North Carolina ( St. Francis Springs, Stoneville in English   INFO & REGISTRATION
March 6-10, 2020 Marcia Chadly
USA Colorado (Arvada) Creative Life Center in English - INFO & REGISTRATION 
March 19-22, 2020 - Maria Odette Maciel e Cristina Lopes
BRAZIL Pernambuco in Portuguese - INFO & REGISTRATION
March 26-29, 2020 - Chantel Zimmerman
USA Los Angeles in English - INFO & REGISTRATION
March 26-29, 2020 - Linda Woolfson
UNITED KINGDOM Surrey (Lingfield) in English - INFO & REGISTRATION
April 1-5, 2020 - Mariabruna Sirabella, LMFT 
USA California (San Rafael) Santa Sabina in English  INFO & REGISTRATION
April 17-20, 2020  -   Kellie McComb
CANADA Ontario (Guelph) in English  EMAIL for INFO & REGISTRATION
April 19-22, 2020 - Kat Kirby, M.Ed., ATR-BC 
USA California (Los Angeles) Hilton LAX in English  INFO & REGISTRATION
May 3-6, 2020 -  Michal Shoham-Shaviv
May 8-12, 2020 -  M ariabruna Sirabella, LMFT 
ITALY Montegrotto  Terme (PD), in Italiano -  INFO & REGISTRATION
May 9-12, 2020 - Lucy Schaaphok 
May 14-17 , 2020  - Lisa M. Miller
USA Kentucky, (Lexington) in English INFO & REGISTRATION 
May 27-31, 2020 - Jennifer Boire 
CANADA Ontario, Arnprior (Galilee Center) in English INFO & REGISTRATION 
May 27-31, 2020 - Fabiana Geraldi
BRAZIL Rio de Janeiro (Itaipava) in Portuguese INFO & REGISTRATION
USA New Jersey (Lanoka Harbor) Murray Grove Retreat Center  in English -  INFO & REGISTRATION  
July 17-21, 2020  
Marcia Chadly
USA   Colorado  (Westminster) Creative Life Center  in English  -  INFO & REGISTRATION
July 23-26, 2020   Catherine Anderson
USA   North Carolina  (St Francis Springs, Stoneville) in English  -  INFO & REGISTRATION
September 2-6, 2020   Kat Kirby
USA   Arizona  (Carefree) in English  -  INFO & REGISTRATION
September 10-13, 2020   Bronwyn Shaunessy
AUSTRALIA  NSW  (Paterson) in English  -  INFO & REGISTRATION
September 25-30, 2020   Andrea Thüler
GERMANY  München  (Pfaffing) in German  -  INFO & REGISTRATION
*No degrees or certificates are required to attend the SoulCollage® Training. The purpose of the Training is to prepare people to share SoulCollage® with others. The prerequisites for the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training are your own active practice of SoulCollage® and your enthusiasm for sharing it with others, as well as taking at least one introductory SoulCollage® course, and reading SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena B. Frost and listening to her CDs: Introduction to SoulCollage® and  Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups.



CEs (up to 24) May Be Available
 for the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training 

Information on SoulCollage® as a Therapeutic Method:

Some SoulCollage® Facilitator Training events may be able to award CEs to LMFTs, MSWs, LPCs, nurses, and psychologists  in many states (but if so, only by prearrangement with your SoulCollage® Trainer). Please inquire about the availability of CEs for a particular Training, particular license, or particular state by writing to your Trainer. Most Trainings offer them, but not all.
Before attending a Training, we want you to read  SoulCollage® Evolving  by Seena B. Frost; have a SoulCollage® basic workshop experience with a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator or listen to a recorded class  Fundamentals of SoulCollage®;  make some cards; do the " I Am One Who... " exercise with your cards; and do some SoulCollage® Readings, letting your cards answer at least one of your questions.
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