SoulCollage® Community Update
May 2018
Soul Power in the City Jungle: SoulCollage® Sprouting in Hong Kong
 By Tera Lin
What is your impression of people in Hong Kong? Rushing into skyscrapers in sharp-looking business suits? Moving fast on the road and in transit stations, paying little attention to others? Full of zeal on the streets during the protest "Umbrella Movement" back in 2014, fighting for democracy and freedom?
Laura Liu Leads First Hong Kong Workshop - photo by Tera Lin

On May 13-14, 2017, the very first SoulCollage® workshop led by Facilitator/Trainer Laura Liu took place in the Preston Training Center in North Point, Hong Kong. Twenty-six participants from all walks of life gathered for the two-day workshop and showed the beauty of their souls, revealing another side of themselves than their cultural, economic, and political dimensions.

Choosing Images - photo by Tera Lin

Slowing down their hectic pace, the participants took time to learn to talk with their own inner selves through the four SoulCollage® suits and the process of " I Am One Who...," and through consulting their cards. The Committee and Community Suits were introduced on the first day. The participants had a chance to quietly examine their inner personality parts and to make cards representing their significant others. By making cards and sharing with one another during the card-reading, they gently supported each other while each person re-examined their relationships with their community members. Good vibes were flowing throughout the whole day.

Happy Sharer (Committee Suit)

by Christy Tse

I Am One Who closes my eyes and dances, relaxed.
I want you to enjoy every moment, do what you like, and share your inner feelings.
I give you a pure heart to share your happiness and bring warmth to others.

Stick Together (Community Suit)
by Kristine Chan

We Are SoulCollage® Soulmates Who share happiness and sadness together. We make you feel complete and supported in life. We help you understand and accept yourself more than before. We want you to remember, "Make a photo, stick on paper. Make a circle, stick together."

On the second day of the workshop, Laura presented the more mysterious Council and Companion Suits. The participants explored the field of archetypes (figures representing universal patterns in human experience) and the energy centers in the body, connecting their personal life stories to their larger archetypal story and immersing themselves in nature energy through the guided meditation.

Sacrifice (Council Suit)
by ET Cheung

I Am One Who stands on the rail and admires how magnificent this creation is. But I also remember that it requires sacrifice of lives, including human beings and trees.
Alva Siu, a banking professional, said:
"The visual meditation for the Companion Suit was the most impressive activity for me, since I felt really deep inside. It surprised me when I saw my companion for the fourth chakra. Interestingly, I saw an eagle at first, but I finally realized it was merely a mule. This was hard to accept, but I am glad to see my true self. "

The guided meditation received very positive feedback from the participants. Amazingly, most of them encountered their animal companion. It was touching to see their tears, the most memorable souvenir some of them received after they connected the animal's energy with their heart.

After the workshop, participants said things like,

"I feel comfortable."

"I am tenderer to myself since my cards gave me space to be with myself."

"I became more conscious of my unconsciousness during the collage process and this makes me confront myself, with no more excuses."

"During the process, the garbage I stored inside was cleaned out and some of the negative emotions were released. I became active and full of enthusiasm again."

The sparks in everyone's soul shone with wisdom and inspiration until the end of the workshop. The greatest gain, which we all felt, reflected the power of SoulCollage® and its essence "the One & the Many." My Many cards together express my One individual soul; all of us Many individuals together are One human.

It is not surprising that their first taste of SoulCollage® turned these Hong Kong participants into SoulCollage® enthusiasts. And the energy has been sustained since the first two-day workshop. After five months, in October 2017, Facilitator/Trainer Laura Liu gave the first Facilitator Training in Hong Kong. Twenty-one participants joined us, all eager to bring this amazing tool to the broader Hong Kong populace. Since immersing themselves further in SoulCollage® and acquiring more in-depth knowledge during the Training, these SoulCollage® seed Facilitators have actively applied it in their work, at their usual brisk pace!

Trust (Council Suit)
by Betty Wah

I Am God. I am with you under the starry sky, looking at the stars in the dark, dark night. It's dark but I make you feel safe and loved. I want you to know there is light. The light supports you. You are not alone. Be still and know that I Am God.

Christy Tse and Alva Siu, both business professionals, have co-facilitated several workshops since they became SoulCollage® Facilitators. Along with teaching the SoulCollage® basics, they have brought the topic of "romantic relationship" into the theme of their workshops. Christy says that her sense of the power of SoulCollage® has been reaffirmed through seeing its effects on participants in this arena:

The process shed light on aspects not seen before. For some of the single participants intending to attract or seek out the right relationship, SoulCollage® enabled them to be aware of what they already have within themselves. For some participants who thought they had a perfect relationship, SoulCollage® helped them discover their suppressed feelings or questions, probing into their relationship. I felt emotions flowing from them; this is not easy for us Eastern people with our more reserved expression of feelings. Through the SoulCollage® process, I felt the group healing energy throughout the workshop.

Kristine Chan has led a SoulCollage® women's support group since becoming a Facilitator. "As a social worker, I feel closer to my clients now, and I feel more able to develop a real relationship of equals with them through the SoulCollage® process. " said Kristine. "At every meeting, I feel the love and am touched by their sharing, especially when they are able to recognize their strengths and to know more about themselves."

Card Gallery - photo by Tera Lin

Interestingly, in Hong Kong, senior social worker ET Cheung introduced SoulCollage® to other men. He says,

Men are inclined not to show their "weakness" and view showing vulnerability as a feminine behavior. However, most of my male participants were surprised by their SoulCollage® experience. They found out that the cards actually reflected their deep desires or moods. They were happy for the opportunity to express themselves through images, which gave them a sense of security and of having a safe space to share.

Since its introduction, SoulCollage® has connected souls in Hong Kong. Its growth here since that first two-day workshop proves once again that a beautiful soul has no nationality, language, race, or gender. The soul power expanded by SoulCollage® connects us all in the city jungle of Hong Kong. We are no longer separate in this fast-paced city.

Tera Lin became a SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2016. She is also an instructor of healing arts, such as ZenTangle and pastel nagomi art, and is dedicated to supporting people through expressive art activities.

Laura Liu became a SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2014 and a SoulCollage® Trainer in 2016. Laura has focused on facilitating two-day introductory SoulCollage® workshops in Mandarin-speaking communities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

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La fondatrice di SoulCollage®
, Seena Frost, ci dà qui un'introduzione di base al metodo e una visualizzazione guidata per aiutarci ad identificare gli alleati appartenenti al seme dei Compagni.
Create Your First SoulCollage® Card 
by Catherine Anderson
 From the SCU Archives
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SoulCollage® Evolving - Going Global from the June, 2012 
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May 4-7, 2018 - Mariabruna Sirabella
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*No degrees or certificates are required to attend the SoulCollage® Training. The purpose of the Training is to prepare people to share SoulCollage® with others.  The pre-requisites for  the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training are your own active practice of SoulCollage® and your enthusiasm for sharing it with others, as well as taking at least one introductory SoulCollage® course, reading SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena B. Frost and listening to her CDs: Introduction to SoulCollage® and  Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups.



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Information on SoulCollage® as a therapeutic method:

Some SoulCollage® Facilitator Training events may be able to award CEs to LMFTs, MSWs, LPCs, nurses and psychologists  in many states (but if so, only by pre-arrangement with your SoulCollage® Trainer.) Please inquire about the availability of CEs for a particular Training or a particular license or a particular state by writing to your Trainer. Most Trainings offer them, but not all.
Before attending a Training, we want you to read SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena B. Frost, to have a SoulCollage® basic workshop experience with a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator or listen to a recorded class  Fundamentals of SoulCollage®, make some cards, do the exercise, " I Am One Who...", with your cards and do some SoulCollage® Readings, letting your cards answer at least one of your questions.