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October 2019
Community Deepens the Experience

SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study
Chapter 16: SoulCollage® in Groups  
 By Gina Maguire
Most of us discovered the magic of SoulCollage® while participating in a group led by a Facilitator. Different aspects of the process may have drawn you in: collaging, the I Am One Who..., or even the idea of learning more about yourself. Yet working with others -- as collager, Facilitator, scribe, witness, or just friend -- helps us to appreciate the process and sometimes encourages us to delve deeper. As Seena wrote, "People who join together in some sort of SoulCollage® group are more likely to continue both creating and exploring their cards." (p.145).

If you are interested in SoulCollage®, I encourage you to find a SoulCollage® group ( click HERE for upcoming Workshops) to make some more friends!

The SCOSA Group (standing L-R Gina & Jane, sitting Martie & Mary)
- photo by a student

Typical Formats for Groups
When you have a few people interested in learning about SoulCollage®, contact a local Facilitator. Typically, the Facilitator will start by offering images. Images may be presented to participants individually, rather than in books, magazines, etc. Everyone chooses an image (or images) that "speak" to them. The Facilitator might say, "Let the image be compelling and powerful to you" (p.146).

After each has chosen an image, Facilitators encourage a "getting to know you" introduction: each person shares their name, then shows everyone their chosen image using the I Am One Who process (described in detail in Chapter 11). The Facilitator may begin, as an example. Group members may be encouraged to do the same, allowing each image to speak, without anyone interrupting to ask additional questions. Participants can share or pass in this process. Either is all right.

After the introductions and the initial I Am One Who, the next step is often card making. There are several approaches I use to making cards: 1) fly by the seat of your pants, 2) have an intent for the card, 3) choose a background image and see where it goes, or 4) choose a focus image, then find other images to go with it. All are correct; it's up to the individual!

Ongoing Groups
In an ongoing facilitated group, individuals typically meet and greet, finishing the small talk early in the session. Often groups meet for two to three hours once a month, or sometimes weekly. They share and honor any cards made since the last session. Some time is spent harvesting new images from those provided by the Facilitator or shared by others. Then groups of three (a Card Reader, a Scribe, and a Witness) do readings together. First, a question is chosen and honed for clarity. The Scribe records everything said, and the Witness gives emotional support. Each must understand their role (Witness, Scribe, Card Reader), and also the way a card consultation is done. This information is in Chapter 12.

The Facilitator will not do a reading for him or herself but may take the role of Scribe or Witness for a participant as needed.

The Gatekeeper
by Gina Maguire

I Am the Gatekeeper. Your Ancestors' love may pass to you, and pass often. Any unwanted energies are held back; do not fear. Their love and hopes are always near.
Thematic Gatherings
Many times, as a Facilitator for an ongoing group for the Stockton Center on Successful Aging (SCOSA), I will choose a theme for the day. Sometimes, we plan to meet to share and harvest images and to bring to life whichever Neter is ready. Here are two examples:

Dia de los Muertos
Last fall, my monthly group met on November 1st. That week has many themes: October 31st is Halloween, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day in India), and Samhain. November 1st is All Saints Day, el Dia de los Innnocentes; November 2nd is All Soul's Day... but together, those three days are celebrated as Day of the Dead.

Our SoulCollage® Day of the Dead theme was to honor our ancestors by sharing the cards in our Community Suits for them. In my deck, I have cards representing my grandparents and my brother. For our Day of the Dead session, because I am drawn to festive sugar skulls, we used skeletons to be the gatekeepers for our ancestors.

By honoring those who have passed, we were each reminded of many more Community Neters still to be brought to life in SoulCollage®, through our card making.

Imperfect Me
by Gina Maguire

I Am One Who is imperfect. My past struggles are done, not so bad now. They've made me strong. Some were ruffled by my growth and changes, learned that imperfections can still be beautiful, can still thrive in happiness. Beauty in imperfection, an age-old idea. I Am Wabi Sabi... especially around the middle. 
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept meaning "imperfect beauty." Since this group is primarily older women, I thought it would be a lovely pairing. I incorporated Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art" into our discussion, and it evolved into a Neter that said, "In many cases, a feature that people don't like about themselves can turn out to be one of their most redeeming traits." I provided beautiful art paper, and each group member took it from there to create their own Wabi Sabi Neter.

Student Groups
In my position teaching Therapeutic Arts with Older Adults at Stockton University in Galloway, NJ, I introduce college-age students to SoulCollage®. The depth and wisdom the students share with their cards and the I Am One Who... is absolutely incredible. Sharing in a group of young adults restores my faith in humanity. And their feedback is the topping on the cake: many state that SoulCollage® was their favorite hands-on activity, and some plan to continue the practice on their own.

Earlier this summer, I was relaxing and making some SoulCollage® cards. My 21-year-old son Tommy walked into the kitchen and hovered over me. When he hovers, it usually means he'd like to chat. This time, I simply asked him if he wanted to join in, and he said yes! We sat for hours, gathering pictures, talking about SoulCollage®, and enjoying the process and our time together. Although our group was only the two of us, the experience was wonderful, and a process we plan to duplicate.

Tommy - photo by Gina Maguire

Group Activity
Without a group, SoulCollage® would not be what it is today -- nor what it will grow to be. The One and The Many is a core SoulCollage® concept. I am One member of the group of Many Facilitators, and hopefully one day, of the group of Trainers. You are One of the Many interested in SoulCollage® who are reading this article. Take some time to think about other uses for groups within SoulCollage®. I know I will, and I also intend to expand my group practice.

Gina Maguire, MSW, LSW, SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2017, is Executive Editor for the Neter Letter and our public newsletter, the SoulCollage® Community Update, a Professional Services Specialist at the Stockton Center on Successful Aging, and a Gerontology Adjunct Professor at Stockton University in Galloway, NJ. Gina is an experienced writer and, in 2017, published a book about her grandfather's World War II experiences.

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Extraordinary Consciousness

Kylea Taylor talks about extraordinary states of consciousness, trance-like states such as those entered into while doing the personal practice method of SoulCollage®, and some of the ethical issues to be aware of when working with clients who are in extraordinary states of consciousness.

Watch this video!
From the SCU Archives
Read Values and Ethics by Kylea Taylor in the February 2014 SoulCollage® Community Update Newsletter
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