Community Collaboration: Update on Coronavirus

Today, the entire state of Illinois moves to Tier 3, with mitigation requirements that limit gatherings and encourage people to stay home to the greatest extent possible. We support this move, as the data shows that COVID-19 cases in our community continue to increase exponentially. 
Of particular concern are the upcoming holidays. You can see that COVID-19 cases throughout the township spiked just after Halloween. We strongly encourage all of you who live and work in our community to follow the advice of state and local health officials to avoid travel and limit gatherings to those in your household.
All members of the Glenview Northbrook Coronavirus Response task force are committed to doing whatever is necessary to protect the health and safety of all of our citizens. Please visit our website to find the link to the websites of each of our organizations to see how we are changing our operations. You’ll also find information and resources for support.
Become a COVID Safety Ambassador
Northshore University HealthSystem reports an increase in hospitalizations due to COVID-19. The healthcare workers on the frontlines in our community need our support, and action.

Join all of us in becoming a COVID-19 Safety Ambassador. Sign the COVID Safety Promise, and share the message with your friends and family on social media and in text and emails -- you can find GIFs and graphics in the COVID Safety Toolkit.
Eat & Shop Local
We recognize the challenges that these restrictions place on our citizens -- and our businesses. These businesses always step up to support PTA fundraisers and community events. Now they need our support. Choose local businesses whenever you have an opportunity to order food and to purchase gifts, goods and services. Visit the chambers of commerce for business directories and special deals: 
Good News Stories
Spreading Kindness
Dr. Yanai’s 4th grade class at Meadowbrook School in Northbrook made pictures and cards for the military stationed at Great Lakes, for people in nursing homes, and for patients in the hospital. Lake Forest Northwestern Hospital nurses display some of the greetings they received and posted on the COVID units in patients’ rooms and nursing areas. “The children brought so much sunshine to the hospital!!!” they replied.
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