Community Update
"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you"
-Deepak Chopra
Strengthen the faith and connect the community
"It was a great day for me when I was helping with the care packages. It shows that the PAVE staff is thinking of us and they are willing to help in times of need, I am a little worried about the increase of cases day by day but I am holding on because I know we will get through this. Although I don't know what the future holds, I have faith in God.

The items in the package helped personally, being laid off and not able to fill my regular monthly budget, the items filled a major gap."

-Peta-Gay Lyons
A Letter From Our Founders
Dear PAVE Family,

Wow! Who could have imagined the changes in our world in the past two months! We come to you with a sense of gratitude that we were able to hold our long planned PAVE Gala on February 22nd. We feel so blessed that the Gala was a success.
But we are saddened that our second PAVE Hospitality class was cancelled due to the pandemic.  

Jamaica reports 364 Covid-19 cases with 7 deaths, and only 4 cases in Port Antonio. Overall Jamaica has fared quite well, we pray this continues. The country is making plans now to reopen the economy. 

The PAVE Board of Directors met via Zoom on March 23rd, and decided that we would focus on supporting our 90 past graduates, most of whom were working in the hospitality industry and are out of work. As you see in the pictures we have provided those most in need received care packages, and will continue to do so during the pandemic. We understand that everyone was very happy to see their larger PAVE family coming alongside them during this period. We are also looking for ways to continue to further our graduates training and provide moral support during this difficult period. Hats off to Audra, Nasha, Alex, and all our teachers!

Our team is using this time to plan for the next courses, including our first Construction Class, which we plan to launch this summer. We are also planning a class on entrepreneurship.  

We thank all of you who are supporting PAVE and look forward to the remainder of the year. We are so blessed and know that God is using all of us to build into these young lives an amazing future.  Please stay in touch and let us know how we can serve you.


Al & Patsy Merritt