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Facebook Feature Article from Alumnus Sammy Himelstein, Ph.D.

Mindfulness, Relationships and Our Youth
"As a psychotherapist, I have personally witnessed the power of the relationship on many occasions. I have many colleagues in the fields of juvenile justice and education that can attest to this as well. Building authentic relationships with the young people we work with can be healing.
Teens can also be remarkable and amazing to work with. There is an inherent wisdom during the life transition period from childhood to adulthood that can show itself in many ways; artistic talent, kindness, camaraderie, and much more." Read more at this link  6 Tips for Building Authentic Relationships with Adolescents.

Alumna Artist Exhibition: Kirsi Engels

We are very pleased that one of our alumna answered the call for art work! You may find Kirsi's art along the walls at Sofia, gracing the front entrance by the school reception desk, and in the library. If you would like to submit your artwork for display, please contact Paul at

About Kirsi: As an ITP Graduate (2012, MATP with Specialization in Creative Expression) I appreciate the opportunity to show my work to the ITP/Sofia Community sharing my spiritual and creative endeavors! Many enchanted experiences during my transpersonal studies, especially the very meaningful interactions with cohort, faculty, and staff helped me form a stronger bond between spirituality and creativity. I strive to let my art be guided by the divine, from my surroundings and from deep 

About the Art

"Through metaphorical images of sky,  clouds, ocean, ships, birds, and fire I  express spirituality and deep connectedness to the natural world. I  paint memories, dreams, and wide-ranging emotions arising from  journey, exploration, and transformation. My creative processes are  very much about reflecting on personal (and universal) themes such  as connecting to deity, longing, dislocation, separation, multiple  identity, and intriguing events of synchronicity." Kirsi
How Fire Can Create Clouds    (2012, Acrylics & Oils)
Finger Labyrinth  (2015, Mixed Media: Cherry Pits, Wood, Acrylics)
You can find this beautiful art piece as you walk towards the library from the side door. This is the only piece where you may use your hands to trace the labyrinth. 
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