Community Workshop Recap
RE: Interlocal Agreement for the
SW 87th Avenue Bridge Project
October 14, 2021
Village of Palmetto Bay
A Community Workshop was held last night in the Village Hall Council Chambers and virtually on GoToWebinar to discuss the provisions of the Interlocal Agreement between the Village of Palmetto Bay and Miami-Dade County concerning the SW 87th Avenue Bridge Project over the C-100 canal. Recommendations and feedback from residents was sought from the Village to bring them forward for consideration by Miami-Dade County as Village officials negotiate other conditions to include in the document.

Manager Marano opened the workshop, first listening to the 16 public comments submitted online by Village residents. Recommendations ranged from adding bicycle and pedestrian lanes to taking measures to mitigate potential environmental issues. Other comments addressed the construction of the bridge. Following a short recap of the events that have taken place leading up to the Community Workshop, Mr. Marano explained that the bridge construction was approved by the County Commission on February 2nd and by the Transportation Planning Organization on March 18th. Mr. Marano added that the previously-appropriated funds of $3.1 million were approved as part of the county's current fiscal year budget. Consequently, the negotiations arising from the Conflict Resolution Process initiated by the Village were focused on maintaining the flow of traffic on the roads that are designed to handle that flow of traffic and not on the construction of the bridge since that is moving forward.
Mr. Marano provided an overview of the contractual obligations from the county as he presented a map depicting the physical elements that are presently contained in the Interlocal Agreement. Following the presentation of the existing contractual elements, Mr. Marano discussed the individual improvements that have been requested from the residents and Councilmembers, including the installation of additional "no-right turn" signs and traffic calming devices such as traffic circles on certain roads.

Claudia Diaz, Chief Traffic Engineer for the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works, presented traffic simulations showing the impact of the bridge connection on traffic along SW 87th Avenue, SW 160th Street, SW 152nd Street, and SW 82nd Avenue.
In response to one of the comments received, Attorney Gerry Greenberg explained that the Interlocal Agreement resolves the legal challenge that was made by the Village regarding the process that was followed by the County Commission to approve this measure. "What would be resolved if this interlocal agreement is approved is that claim", said Mr. Greenberg referring to the way that the county resolution was passed. In essence, that is what would be litigated if the Village goes to court. Mr. Greenberg added that the agreement clearly states that the list of intersections that are included in the agreement is not exhaustive and does not prohibit the Village from requesting the study of additional intersections that are not currently in the agreement.

Village Attorney John Dellagloria explained that the Village is not dealing with equal bargaining positions with the county since the county has full jurisdiction over roadways. The Interlocal Agreement is a means to assure that Village concerns are addressed. The document contains stipulations that are intended to mitigate the effects of the bridge connection. "It is in the Village's best interest to enter into as much mitigation as we can obtain", added Attorney Dellagloria and also advising that the Village would not likely prevail in a legal challenge against the county

The floor was opened to public comments from residents who were present in the Council Chambers as well as the individuals in the virtual lobby. Residents provided their recommendations, questions and viewpoints on the subject. Responses to the inquiries were provided by Manager Marano and Ms. Diaz.

Mr. Marano closed the workshop at approximately 8:46 pm and encouraged all to visit the Village website to watch the video of the workshop.

Village officials will continue the re-negotiations of the Interlocal Agreement with county staff as directed by the Village Council during the Special Council meeting of September 23, 2021. Click here for a recap of the meeting.
  • Click here to watch the Community Workshop
  • Read the Interlocal Agreement (to be amended)

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