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Community Writing Project
Dear Friends of Blue Door Art Center,

Here is the first issue of our Community Writing Project. A group of collage poems edited by poet-in-residence, Golda Solomon , of entries sent in by you! Look at the bottom of this email to learn how to contribute to the next round. If you would like to support us, we are a non-profit and donations are always welcome. Enjoy!

Thank you contributors:
          Joanne Auerbach
          Sheila Benedis 
          Peter Casini
          George Dixon 
          Sharon Krinsky
          Kathy Lebron 
          Susan Mettler 
          Jean Shanahan
          Renee Toback
Poetry Offerings
a winter-y mix
the deer in the snow
don’t know it’s spring
the world shattered
like a fallen christmas
tree ornament
today i wished
golden evening light
rays of hope
earl grey and honey
gift of tea and biscuits
my mom’s cooking
her winter soup
i have her recipe
now my husband’s favorite
smells bring back memories
the saw mill river parkway
brings back snippets of my life
that spot where you turn off
for the cross county
my father ‘s “don’t worry
we’ll keep in touch”
i listened. he was getting
moving away
there might have been
a more thoughtful way to say it
The Lotus
Perfectly imperfect
Soft serene
Positive energy
Imperfect to beautiful
Light to dark
Return to muddy depths
Seed pods ripen
End down
Lotus flowers appear
Inner strength
Soak up the sun
High in the air
Toward the light
Stretch outward upward
Grow from deep dark still water
Stalks and leaves emerge
Roots buried in mud
We all have a Mrs. Michaels or a Mr. Magon In Our Lives
Mr Magon said that I could not
Draw a straight line with a ruler
Mrs Michaels deducted points for different
Creativity is all that matters
I climb a new everest
Paint with more colors
Mo’colors   mo’ better
Sculpt with metal clay silly putty
Sing on key
Sing off key
Bake a potato
Make mother’s meatloaf recipe
Surf a wave 
Walk  skip jump  run
Move think
Repair is needed
On that contraption that is ourselves
The One You Feed The Most
Kind, generous, compassionate and caring
Aggression, ambition, greed, selfishness
Which one am I?
a dream last night
i long for a simple gesture
an embrace between friends
what i had before the world
closed down. a dream last night
an art conference at bed, bath
and beyond. all stores are closed
i drove my car, parked
and sat next to other artists
Round #2
This is an ongoing project partially sponsored by Poets and Writers

Write and send: 
  • paragraphs
  • a drawing and write to it
  • musings,
  • letters
  • free-writes

Poet-in-residence Golda Solomon offers to create ‘cento’ poems from your musings.

From the Latin word for "patchwork," the cento (or collage poem) is a poetic form composed entirely of lines from poems by other poets.( )

As a variation of this form around since Virgil and Homer ( personally, I never dated either of these dudes), lines and phrases from your postings will make super group poems.

Writing and Sharing helps us communicate and stay connected.
Blue Door Art Center is one of many centers to close for the safety of our community.
BDAC is open in spirit and virtually.
Let’s create Community Centos

I strongly believe that we are all artists, we are all writers, we are all poets.

I have worked with the Bard College’s Institute for Writing and Thinking technique of *free-writing” and “focus free-writing” for many years. I call it ‘first draft writing.'

It jump starts your creativity with no restraints:
Do not read back what you have written ( Promise)
Do not worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, ’good English'
Changing subjects and going to another planet are good.
It’s like writing a letter from your unconscious to the world- putting down on paper your thoughts,feelings, wishes.

A couple of prompts if you like:
Today I……..
I woke up and thought……
Dear ___________,
I dreamed……….

Hope to hear from you,
Golda Solomon

All entries must be typed in an email.

Send your musings to:

Your entry will be combined with other to create a community work.

ArtSpeak/From Page To Performance / The Art to Writing are postponed until it's safe to go outside again.
Golda Solomon

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