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The Good Life, Robert Waldinger's and Marc Schulz's recently published book that chronicles the Harvard Study of Adult Development, scientifically reaffirms the ancient wisdom that quality social connections are critical to long term happiness. Those with satisfying, close relationships are those who are most fulfilled. The people who fare the best are individuals who lean in to their social communities at all stages of life.

The Harvard Study of Adult Development began in 1938, the year of the founding of Scarsdale Adult School, and, like SAS, is still going strong. For over eight decades, the study has tracked the same individuals and their families with the goal of discovering what makes for a good life. The results of the study, not surprisingly, boil down to the simple adage that good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

To broaden your social life and make new lasting connections, join a class (or two or more!) at Scarsdale Adult School and meet others with similar interests. Our catalog holds the key to unlocking new friendships.

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