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Compact Vertical Panel Saws
It would be impossible not to notice some trends that have happened recently in the company that we feel can be contributed largely to COVID-19.

Over the past two months we have seen a growing interest in compact vertical panel saws instead of full size machines.

Perhaps we have reached a new audience with the knowledge that our saws can be utilized in the creation of protective barriers or social distancing signage .

Perhaps more people are tackling their own at home projects and working on a smaller scale.

Whatever the case may be, Saw Trax wants to help you accomplish your goals and has a variety of Vertical Panel Saws that are available in Compact sizes!
52" and 64" both Available in Compact
Currently there are six (6) Compact Saws to meet our customers’ requests.
  1. Classic 52” Compact.
  2. Classic 64” Compact.
  3. Varsity 52” Compact.
  4. Varsity 64” Compact.
  5. Sign Maker 52” Compact.
  6. Sign Maker 64” Compact.
Note: No Folding Stand or Transport Wheels on Classic Series
All of these great saws have the same things you expect to find on any
Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saw.

  • The Accu-Square Alignment System provides precision cuts at 1/64th inch.
  • The Steel Sealed Roller Bearings offer smooth carriage movement.
  • The Center Material Support is an exclusive benefit for holding thin material securely.
You can check out a list of all our Vertical Panel Saws HERE !
Maybe a compact unit is the most cost effective for you right now.
Maybe you only plan on cutting smaller panels of material.
Maybe plans change...

Most of Saw Trax's great accessories can be used on the compact models, as well as, the full size models. One amazing accessory that you can get for Compact units are the Builder's Extensions.

Later on you can add Builders Extensions to allow for longer material to have support.

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