September 16, 2019
State Chamber Update
When I was a V.P. of Government Relations at TRW, Inc., and then Experian, I recall internal discussions about the growing expense we were incurring due to a patchwork of state data privacy laws and regulations, and how it might be time to ask Congress to step in, preempt the states and create a national standard. Last week, 51 CEO’s from some of the largest companies in the country asked Congress to do just thatClick here for a very short summary of what happened.

Even if your business is centered in and around Delaware, if you have customers or suppliers from other states, you may be subject to other laws and may favor a national standard, too. Want to know more? Join us on October 2 nd for a program titled: Mitigating Your Business Risk: Unlocking the Secrets of Data Privacy and Security. You can register here.

Pieces of data make information and information leads to knowledge, and knowledge increases your power. Because technology is affordable and in the hands of businesses of all sizes and consumers of every kind, everyone needs to stay informed of the rules, rights and responsibilities of being a good data steward. Whether you’re a big company, small business or nonprofit, this is a two-hour presentation that you don’t want to miss.  
News You can Use
On Wednesday we’ll learn of Housing starts and Building permits data for the month of August and hear what Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has to say about interest rates and more during his 2:30 press conference. The Philly Fed survey is released on Thursday and will include data for September, and Leading economic indicator numbers for August are shared, too. We close the week on Friday with Q2 Household debt figures.  
Michael J. Quaranta
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP is the oldest Delaware law firm and one of the 10 oldest continuously practicing law firms in the United States. Since its small beginnings in 1826, Potter Anderson has become one of the largest and most recognized Delaware law firms, providing a full range of legal services to its local, national and international clients.

Potter Anderson's Bill Denny will be the presenter on October 2 at our Mitigating Your Business Risk event.
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