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FEBRUARY 26, 2019
Security Token Ecosystem update just released.
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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Will Include Private Crypto Key Storage

"Samsung’s latest flagship phone will include a dedicated secure storage function designed for cryptocurrency private keys.

The Galaxy S10, formally unveiled Wednesday, includes a new function targeted toward cryptocurrency users in the form of the Samsung Knox, the world’s largest smartphone producer announced.

In a press release, Samsung explained:"

What Will Bitcoin Look Like in 20 Years?

Prediction is a tricky business. It’s so easy to be wrong and so hard to be right.

But that’s exactly what we’ll do here. Since we’re rapidly approaching the ten year anniversary of Bitcoin’s whitepaper publication, I’ll attempt to project out twenty years to see the evolution of Bitcoin, blockchain, alternative cryptocurrencies and decentralization.

This is the type of article that will look unbelievably foolish or incredibly brilliant when I’m old and gray."

Coinbase Acquires Blockchain Analytics Startup Neutrino

"Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers in the US, has acquired Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence startup based out of Italy. The move is a potential acquihire to augment Coinbase’s analytics talent.

According to the company’s official announcement, Coinbase sees blockchain intelligence as becoming increasingly important in the crypto ecosystem."

I Sold My Data for Crypto. Here's How Much Money I Made.
"On a recent Tuesday night, during a session of rash bedtime scrolling, I sold my Facebook data to a stranger in Buenos Aires. Reckless, maybe, but such was my newfound life as a digital vigilante.

My tipping point was the Facebook hack, exposed in September, in which I—along with some 90 million other potential victims—was temporarily locked out of my account. I imagined my identity rippling across the internet, thanks to the single sign-in convenience of Facebook Connect.

After a long season of leaks, hacks, and shady data pillaging, I’d had enough. I considered simply deleting my account. But then I landed on a different strategy: making a profit."

Gladius Network Settles SEC Charges for Unregistered ICO

"A U.S.-based cybersecurity company agreed to settle SEC charges that its initial coin offering ("ICO") constituted an unregistered securities offering under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

According to the SEC Order, Gladius Network LLC ("Gladius") raised approximately $12.7 million from 1,700 investors over a period of three months in 2017, when it publicly offered and sold its own proprietary digital coins in exchange for an established digital currency."

NEO Wants to Become the Number One Blockchain by 2020

"NEO announced it has established a foothold in the US market with a new office in Seattle, Washington. In an interview, Da Hongfei explains what separates NEO from Ethereum and Bitcoin—and he asserts why he believes NEO could become the number one blockchain by 2020.

Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, announced at NEO DevCon on Feb. 16th that NEO Global Development had established a base of operations in Seattle, Washington—with immediate plans to begin recruiting. The new offices will give NEO a “significant foothold” in the US market said Hongfei."

Inveniam Capital Announces Record $260M Security Token Deal

"For Patrick O’Meara, there is a world of difference between security tokens and tokenized securities.

A security token merely means an issuer is selling a crypto token in compliance with securities laws. But with a tokenized security, “it’s a whole different world,” where blockchain technology gives investors an unprecedented level of transparency, said O’Meara, chairman and chief executive officer of Inveniam Capital Partners (ICP).

ICP is about to put this idea to the test. The company plans to tokenize some $260 million in four private real estate and debt transactions, starting with a WeWork..."

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