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June 12, 2017 --  Company Culture - What's Yours?
            "Understanding Culture"
Culture is the knowledge, experience, values, ethics, and attitudes, practiced by the company leaders/family owners. It is how all members of a company treat one another and conduct business. Company leaders and family/owners must be on the "same page" when it comes to the definition of culture, as they have to be constantly teaching and monitoring to ensure compliance. Culture principles have to move to all levels in the organization and be held up as an operating philosophy of the company. 
                "Culture and Discipline"
How culture is practiced can make or break a company. The owners and managers must consistently emulate the culture they desire the company to possess. Employees will watch and mimic the actions of the family members and key managers, as it is their actions that lead to the judgements of the consumer. Discipline and enforcement of the culture has to be consistent and never ending. Dishonest employees, left unchecked, will define the reputation of the company. Dishonesty will become the culture, as seen by your customers, and the compay's reputation can be forever damaged. It could be poor service, lack of follow through, shoddy work and many other issues. This is why, non-tolerance of culture deviation has to be enforced even with the family owners and the company leaders. The success of the company, and of the family legacy, depends upon it.
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Kwaiserism "If sales are down and customers are in short supply,
                        check your culture"