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Company Kitchen Explores EMV-Compliant Readers To Prevent Credit Card Chargebacks 
By Elliot Maras
Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchell
Company Kitchen, formerly known as Treat America Food Services, a Merriam, Kan.-based provider of vending, refreshment services and micro markets, has begun exploring EMV-compliant credit card readers for vending machines and micro markets. The company has been experiencing some bank chargebacks for credit card purchases due to a change in how card payments are accepted in the U.S. "They (the credit card issuers) flipped a switch in their software somewhere," said Jim Mitchell, chief information officer at Company Kitchen. "They probably made a change in software which caused certain questionable transactions to be flagged as merchant responsibility, whereas they were not before."   
Parlevel Systems Expands Into Micromarkets With Interactive Kiosk
Parlevel for Micro Markets

Parlevel Systems, a San Antonio, Texas-based provider of vending management and office coffee service management software, has expanded into the growing micro market sector with a micro market kiosk. The kiosk allows the operator to collect insightful information about customers, allowing for better customer service.

Parlevel System's kiosk provides access to a customer-facing portal where customers can load their wallet and give feedback on products and promotions. Corporate users can use the portal to place orders and pay invoices.
The kiosk accepts credit, debit and prepaid cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and cash. Customers can create a wallet in the kiosk to receive discounts and rewards.

The system features remote management, allowing the operator to adjust prices, create promotional campaigns, review monitor cameras and more. Operators can change prices, update product information and customize the kiosk screen. 
Operators have access to Parlevel's analytics module to understand every location, customer segment, product performance and employee performance.

Gimme Vending Receives Patent For DEX Download Device
Gimme Vending, a provider of vending data integrity tools, has received its first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The utility patent addresses a primary data challenge faced by the vending industry and covers a communication device for vending machines and the method of using it for bi-directional transmission of data from vending machines and computing devices. 
The patent is for the method of wirelessly communicating data from vending machines - even those without a network connection - using a reporting device.
Apriva Completes EMV Certification Of Globalcom's BV1000 For Global Payments

Apriva, a provider of end-to-end wireless transaction processing solutions, has completed EMV certification with Global Payments for Globalcom Engineering's  BV1000 device connecting through the Apriva Gateway. This certification gives vendors the ability to provide more secure payment options to customers in unattended retail environments, such as micro markets.  The certification spans all major card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, enabling the use of EMV chip card technology.

The Globalcom BV1000 units are ruggedized for use outdoors and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Apriva's integration services program allows independent software vendors and mobile and embedded developers to easily implement credit, debit, EBT, loyalty and closed-loop payment processing into their solutions.

Parlevel Systems for Micro Markets

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