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Encourage, Inspire, Be Positive, Uplift
April 27, 2016
Important Recital Solo/Duet/Trio Saturday Morning Showcase Update BELOW!
Important Dates!
April 28
Miss Kristen's & Miss Jennifer's Thursday Company Classes Canceled due to TOP!

April 27 -May 1
Talent on Parade Competition
(Overland Park. KS)

May 7
Recital Tickets On Sale- 10:00am

May 17
Music Recital

May 22
Company Auditions!

June 3 & 4
Dance Recitals!

Be the Best You!
Team Captains!
Team captains are assigned for each group and are responsible for getting awards for their dance!

Captains will need to be sure they know their teacher's name, name of our studio (Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts), and the number of their routine! 
They will meet Miss Kristen outside of the dressing room after the awards to give her any pins, medals, ribbons, trophies they receive.

Awards should not be passed out on stage! They will be handed approximately a week after the competition at the studio.

Captains will be different for each competition! Please only stand up to accept the award if you are the Team Captain!

Hair Tutorials!
Please Watch AGAIN!
PLEASE watch these two tutorials on YouTube as a refresher on how to do a slick high ponytail and a high bun!

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CS Company
Team App 

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Dancer's Corner!
Check out this fun link for dancers!

Note from Miss Kristen!
Hi Company Families!

It's competition time again! Woohoo! It's going to be an awesome four days of dancing and fun!

Here are some important reminders for this week/weekend!

(and please re-read the reminders below to ensure you don't forget anything!)

-Don't forget that my Thursday Company classes, as well as Jennifer's Company classes,  will be canceled due to both of us and many students being at the competition already (this includes Pre-Company 1, Company Jazz 1, Company Tap 1, Company Jazz 4 & Hip Hop 6).

-NO PICTURES OR VIDEOS CAN BE TAKEN OF THE ROUTINES BY ANYONE AT ANY TIME! Please let any guests you are bringing or have invited know that they can not take pictures or video of the performances or our routines may be disqualified or lose points! There will be professional pictures/ video available to purchase. 

-PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE A COURTEOUS AUDIENCE MEMBER! Keep in mind that everyone's routines are important and are being watched by someone in the audience. ENTER and EXIT ONLY IN BETWEEN Routines! (Please be sure to remind any guests who may join you. The atmosphere is a casual one, but we still want to be respectful!)

-T his competition also has a FREE APP 
that allows you to access the Act Tracker, a new way to know in real time what act is currently on the stage and the next few acts scheduled to come up. You'll also find links to live streaming video, special merchandise offers, targeted notifications and more. Search on Talent On Parade in the App Store or Google Play to download. 

-Some of the hair styles have changed to help with quick changes! Please CLICK HERE to see the updated list!

- NEW TEAM CAPTAINS have been assigned to each routine! Please read the block below on Team Captains so you know what to expect during awards and who the team captains are- they will change each competition! IF YOU ARE NOT A TEAM CAPTAIN, PLEASE DO NOT STAND UP TO ACCEPT THE AWARD!

And as always, r emember  to
inspire, be positive and uplift 

Thank you all! Here's to an AMAZING Competition weekend!


Important Competition Reminders!
1). Quadruple check your costumes!  Once you are at the competition there won't be time  to go back and get anything you've forgotten!

2). Pack the necessary items: make-up, hair gel and hairspray, wet wipes, bobby pins,  safety pins, q-tips and cotton balls, super glue or hot glue if you have it,  tights, dance shoes, hairpiece, and anything else you think you MIGHT need. 

(remember-  All solo/ duet/trio performers MUST wear tights for their performance! We feel that wearing tights presents a more polished appearance, especially when dancing under the stage lights!)

3). Arrive at the venue with plenty of time to find the group.  Double check the list for when you need to be there!!!  Remember, your dancer MUST be in the dressing room 2 hours before their scheduled time.  

4). Parents and families wear CS gear or colors if you have it to show your  spirit!!  Plus, it help us find you in the crowd!  :-)

5). If you need anything call or text me at:

6). Sign up for the CS Company Team App if you haven't already! Parents AND Dancers should sign up (if you have a device)!!! We will be using it to keep everyone informed of last minute information! 

7). Remember, NO PHOTO OR VIDEO may be taken inside the competition!  Violating this policy could result in our  disqualification or loss of points so please take this very seriously.  

8). Please be respectful at the competition! We don't want to be known as the studio who complains or has a bad attitude!

Talent on Parade Schedule and Info!
Click  on the link below to view i mportant information the organizers of Talent on Parade have sent regarding our upcoming competition-including a general schedule of events!

The detailed schedule is also available now!


We have added this schedule directly to the CS Company Team App for your easy reference (as well as the  Company page on the studio website)!

Taking Pictures and Video at TOP is NOT ALLOWED!
Talent On Parade does NOT allow any pictures or video to be taken inside the competition! 

Our routines can be disqualified or lose points if anyone associated with our studio is caught taking pictures- please tell any guests you have attending as well!

 There will be professional videos and photos available for purchase. 

To access the
Company Webpage
go to the parent info page on the studio website, click on the Company Information Block and enter the password:
Pre-Company Recital Volunteers
Just a reminder that there is a new system for Pre-Company families Backstage during the recital!

 Sign up to help with your Pre-Company class either Friday or Saturday night and enjoy relaxing while watching the  performance the other night!

A Reminder about Nationals Possibilities!
 Our Company Team as a whole attends nationals every other year, with this being our year not to attend. However, our pre-professional company is attending Talent on Parade's Overland Park nationals.  
All solos/duets/trios are also invited to attend.  It is being held at the Overland Park Convention Center  June 14-19

Our pre-professional group will also be attending Cathy Roe in Mason, Ohio from  July 6-10.  I am really excited about this!  
Any solo/duet/trio is also invited to attend this nationals.  Many of our dancers received invitations to participate in their companies.  
If your dancer received an invite and would like to attend please make sure you contact the competition ASAP to sign up!  They are filling up FAST!  

More info regarding fees, etc. will be available soon! Please let me know soon if your dancer may be interested!  

Saturday Morning Solo/ Duet/ Trio Showcase Update!