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January 20, 2016
Important Dates!
February 13
Company Lock-In

February 13
Production Rehearsal- prior to the beginning of the Lock-In- Save that date!

March 9
CSA Spirit Day!

March 11-13
Cathy Roe Competition
(Kansas City)

March 21-25
Studio Closed for Spring Break

April 8-10

April 27 -May 1
Talent on Parade Competition
(Overland Park. KS)

June 3 & 4
Dance Recitals!

February 13th! 

Q: Why do we have a Lock-In? 

A: The lock-in is a fun opportunity for our team to bond outside of our regular classes! We will have pizza and snacks, play games, perform our dances for each other, etc... 

All Company and 
Pre-company dancers are required to attend. Pre-company 3 dancers and up will stay the night! 

Please note: There will be a Production Rehearsal prior to the Lock-In starting! 

More details, including times, coming soon!

Note from Miss Kristen!
Hi Company Families!

I know everyone has been waiting for the April competition dates and I apologize for the delay! After working through all potential conflicts, etc...I have finalized a date for the April competition! 

Our second competition will be April 8-10! Be sure to mark your calendars!

Please remember to pay your solo, duet and trio fees for our first competition! They are due no later than January 25th (see side column for a breakdown of costs).

Also, if you are competing a solo in the first competition, you can choose to enter your solo in the Ultimate Title category for an additional $25 to any solo. This will be judged on entertainment, technique, and overall appeal. 

We will have a Production Rehearsal on Saturday, February 13 prior to the Company Lock-In starting! Exact times for the rehearsal and Lock-In will be announced soon- save that date!

Additionally, we have decided that there will NOT be a Company Showcase this year. We will have Sunday rehearsals on the 28th and will let you know how we will do dress rehearsals soon! 

The Sunday schedule is below- be sure to note the new grouping for this Sunday in the Production Line Rehearsal block!

Thank you all!

Line Production Rehearsal Group Breakdown for Sunday, Jan 24th!
In order to help make the best use of everyone's time and get the most out of each Production Line rehearsal, we will rehearse in smaller groups most Sundays.

The make up of each group may change from week to week- so be sure to check the newsletter each week for who is in which group and when they are called to rehearse! 

Production Group 1: Pre-Company:  2:00-2:45pm
Production Group 2: Tappers- 3:00 -3:30pm
(Addison Bell, Lexi Browning, Sydney Foulks, Colin Frederick, Rachel Grinde, Alexis Kenny, Leah Landwehr, Maggie Likcani, Sarah Lubaroff, Ben & Sam Renfrow, Torrie Shelly, Ally Shull, R eagan Webb)
Production Group 3:  Company 1-5, Corps and Tappers: 4:00-6:00pm
Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday, 
January, 24th!
Senior Contemporary: 2:00-3:00pm
Production Group 1 (PC): 2:00-2:45pm
Junior Contemporary: 3:00-4:00pm
Production Group 2 (Tappers): 3:00-3:30pm
Mini Lyrical: 4:00-4:45pm
Production Group 3: 4:00-6:00pm
 can change someone's   entire day!

Competition Information! 
Don't Forget!!!
- Solo, Duet & Trio Fees for our 1st Competition are due by January 25!
-Solos: $100 each solo
-Duets: $55 each dancer
-Trios: $55 each dancer

- Ultimate Title for Solos: additional fee of $25

- Company Make-Up Lists  are coming and will be available soon on our NEW Company Web Page!

To access the
Company Webpage
go to the parent info page on the studio website, click on the Company Information Block and enter the password:
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