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March 16, 2016
Important Dates!
March 9
Solo/Duet/ Trio Entry Fees were due for TOP

March 14-19
Parent Watch Week
Please read the block about how it affects Company Jazz and Tap Classes!

March 20
Sunday Rehearsals! 

March 21-27
Studio Closed for Spring Break

April 8-10
Rainbow Dance Competition
(Overland Park, KS)

April 27 -May 1
Talent on Parade Competition
(Overland Park. KS)

June 3 & 4
Dance Recitals!

Some Competition Highlights!
-Highest Scoring Routine of the entire weekend- 
Nerd Alert!
-Won the Entertainment Review- Footloose!
-Had a piece that was first runner up for best choreography and selected to be in the Choreography Review-
Schindler's List!
-Numerous first place awards!
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Note from Miss Kristen!
Hi Company Families!

What an amazing start to our competition season! We had so many overall high scores and special awards! I am so proud of all of you and I can't wait for the next competition! The hard work isn't done, though! We will continue to push to improve for our next two competitions. 

Thank you so very much to all of the parents who volunteered to take pictures and video throughout the weekend- you guys are fantastic! Please read the note on Competition Videos below!

Also, thank you all for taking the time to sign up for the CS Company Team App! Every family has at least one person signed up- hooray! It was wonderful being able to be in contact with everyone quickly throughout the weekend! 

Your awards will be coming home very soon! In order to make it easier to ensure everyone receives their awards, we are streamlining our awards distribution process this year! The awards are being  organized at the front desk and will be ready to be picked up by the Monday after spring Break! If they are ready for everyone before spring break starts, we will send out an email to let you know you can pick them up!

We DO have rehearsal this coming Sunday but will NOT have rehearsal on Sunday, March 27. 

Here are the upcoming Sunday  Rehearsal Dates:
March 20,  April 3,  April 17,  April 24

Have a wonderful day! See you Sunday!

Important Note about Viewing/ Sharing Competition Videos!
Thank you so much to our amazing CS videographers, Jerome Coleman on Friday night through Saturday morning and Mark Curtis from Saturday at noon until the end of the night on Sunday! Phew, what a job! You guys are AWESOME! It was our original intention to video the routines at this competition solely as a teaching tool-so the choreographers could review the dances and make small adjustments to choreography and so dancers could have a visual of comments the judges made. However, we know many of you are interested in seeing those videos! Mark has generously offered to send a  link to each SOLO, DUET or TRIO that he got on video so you can have a digital copy of the video to share privately or through social media! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! And Jerome has given us a flash drive with the individuals that he got-we will email you a link as well to do the same!

As far as sharing videos of the GROUP routines, this gets a little tricky. As choreographers, we are EXTREMELY proud of each routine and every dancer that worked so hard to make it awesome! We WANT to show the world how fantastic our Center Stage dancers and choreographers are by sharing videos of our groups, however, not just yet. This weekend was our first performance and although it was really great, throughout the season we will continue to add polish and precision to these routines. When we share something, we want it to be at its peak! So, we are more than happy for you to share the group routines with family and close friends, however, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THEM PUBLICLY via Facebook or other social media sites.  We are working now to figure out the best way give you access to the footage so you can watch them privately. We'll keep you posted soon as to how that will happen!
Rehearsal Schedule for  Sunday,
 March 20th!
Production: ALL DANCERS:  1:00-1:45pm
Senior Contemporary:  1:45-2:30pm
Junior Lyrical A:  1:45-2:30pm
Junior Contemporary:  2:30-3:00pm
Musical Theatre B:  2:30-3:00pm
Teen Lyrical:  3:00-3:30pm
Junior Hip Hop:  3:30-4:00pm
Junior Lyrical B:  4:00-4:45pm
Mini Lyrical:  4:15-5:00pm
Musical Theatre A:  5:00-5:30pm
Senior Hip Hop:  5:30-6:00pm
Senior Lyrical:  6:00-6:30pm
Musical Theatre C:  6:30-7:15pm
Pre-Pro:  7:30-8:00pm
Small Jazz:  8:00-8:30pm
Small Lyrical:  8:30-9:00pm
Parent Watch Week for Company Jazz & Tap Classes!
Parent Watch Week is this week, through Saturday*, at Center Stage- however it'll run a little differently with Company Jazz and Tap classes this year!

You will need to attend your student's ballet class (or other non-company classes) to experience the traditional Parent Watch Week and receive all of the information about upcoming Spring Events- including the dance recital! 

Parents are welcome to attend the Company Jazz and Tap classes where we will be listening to the judges critiques and discussing the competition with students! 

*Sunday Rehearsals are not a part of Parent Watch Week!

To access the
Company Webpage
go to the parent info page on the studio website, click on the Company Information Block and enter the password:
Competition is in the mirror
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