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May 11, 2016
Company Auditions are May 22nd! Check out the IMPORTANT DETAILS Below!!!
Important Dates!
May 7
Recital Tickets Went On Sale! 

May 15
Spring Music Concert
2:30pm, 4:00pm & 5:30pm
UCM Alumni Memorial Chapel

May 22
Company Auditions!

May 23
TOP Nationals Fees Due

May 26
Cathy Roe Nationals Fees Due

June 3 & 4
Dance Recitals!

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Pre-Company Recital Volunteers
Thank you all for signing up to be backstage either Friday or Saturday night! 

When we have more specific information about dressing rooms, etc... we will send it your way! 

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please email Coreena at

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Dancer's Corner!
Check out this fun link for dancers!

Note from Miss Kristen!
Hello Company Families!

A few quick notes before auditions steal your attention away. :)

-Regarding awards from TOP! 
We have discovered that we are short several medals from Talent on Parade! We are currently trying to solve the issue, but until we have a solution we will not be distributing any more of the awards. If you already picked yours up  please double check to make sure you didn't have too many or not enough medals. Keep in mind that medals are only awarded to each group that placed first through fifth in the top 10! If you do have an extra medal or are missing one, let me know ASAP and then bring the medal to the front desk the next time you are at the studio!

-There will be NO Sunday Rehearsals this week!

- Nationals Reminder!
A s mentioned in previous newsletters, Company as a whole will not be attending Nationals this year. However, solos, duets and trios are invited to attend (see side column for more information). Please let me know ASAP if you would like to go to either the TOP Nationals or Cathy Roe Nationals as the competition may fill up before the payment due dates! 

The Fees for both competitions are listed in the side column along with the due dates for payments!

- And now, the Audition Information you've all been waiting for!   (Please note! The grade level you should audition with is the grade that you WILL BE entering in the Fall of 2016- NOT your current grade level!)

Click on the links below to view audition information specific to each group or visit our studio website where you can find them all under the Performing Groups Tab!

Audition Forms will be available soon!

(In continuing with our "go green" effort at the studio we will NOT be printing brochures for everyone- you will instead have all of this information at your finger tips any time you want it on the studio website!)

Please be sure to read the block below for information about Auditions on Sunday May 22nd!

Thank you!
Company Auditions & More! May 22nd!
Our Audition Process Has Changed! Here is the information you need to know! (ALL of the Performance Team Information is NOW available for you to reference ONLINE on our studio website!)

- We are having ONE AUDITION this year, there will not be an additional audition in the fall. So we will be casting all the Specialty Routines (ones that rehearse on Sundays) at this time Sunday, May 22, 2016.

-Acceptance and placement into Company Jazz and Tap Classes will be announced when fall registration comes out (packets distributed the week of June 13-18).  Placement into Specialty Company routines will be announced in July.

-In addition to placement into Company Classes, Specialty Routines and Star Performance Team, we will also be evaluating students to start Pointe Class in the fall AND dancers selected to represent Center Stage at YAGP next season.

-At the request of the Company Director, some dancers may be asked to stay for the next audition (i.e. some 7th graders may be asked to stay for the 8th & up audition)

Audition Day Information (Grades are determined by the Grade you are entering in the Fall of 2016!)
  • 1:00-2:00pm: All Kindergarten-4th grade (and 5th-6th graders only interested in Star Performance Team)
  • 2:00-3:15pm: 5th-7th graders plus ALL dancers auditioning for Pointe Class
  • 3:15-3:30pm: ALL dancers auditioning for Pointe Class
  • 3:30-5:00pm: 8th grade & up
  • 5:00-5:30pm: Dancers auditioning for Pre-Pro
Those students wishing to be considered for YAGP for 2016-17 should attend the audition appropriate for their grade level and will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined in the YAGP Audition Information.
 Fees for Nationals! 
Talent On Parade Nationals: Due 5/23

Solos: $110 (add $30 for TOP Entertainer) 
Duets: $65 each dancer 
Trios: $56 each dancer

Cathy Roe Nationals: Due 5/26

Solos: $120 (add $25 for ultimate title)
Duets: $67 each dancer 
Trios: $67 each dancer 
Groups: $50 each dancer

Group Routines Attending Nationals!

Talent on Parade:

Cathy Roe:  
-The New Girl 
-Schindler's List 
-Nerd Alert 
-Bossa Nova
-It Can Wait 
-Rule The World 
-Thousand Years

Nationals Details!
Our Company Team as a whole attends nationals every other year, with this being our year not to attend. However, our pre-professional company is attending Talent on Parade's Overland Park nationals.  

All solos/duets/trios are also invited to attend.  It is being held at the Overland Park Convention Center  June 14-19

Our pre-professional group will also be attending Cathy Roe in Mason, Ohio from  July 6-10.  I am really excited about this!  

Any solo/duet/trio is also invited to attend this nationals. Many of our dancers received invitations to participate in their companies.  
If your dancer received an invite and would like to attend please make sure you contact the competition ASAP to sign up!  They are filling up FAST!  

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