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Encourage, Inspire, Be Positive, Uplift
April 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday Company Families!

I can't wait to see you all on stage again this weekend!  It's going to be awesome!  Be sure to check your costumes, shoes, and accessories before you leave for the competition.  Things could have easily been misplaced since our last competition and pictures. 

Do your best this weekend, work hard, and have FUN!

The CS specific schedule and Talent on Parade general schedule are below!

Quick note!
Many of you are aware that Twisters will be bringing one their Hip Hop routines to Talent on Parade this weekend. Since this is the first time we've had another routine from our community at a competition with us, I wanted to remind everyone to be your amazing Center Stage selves- always respectful and supportive of all performers! Thank you! Go CSA!

Here are some IMPORTANT COMPETITION reminders! Read the blocks below as well!
  • You MUST be at the competition 2 hours prior to the time listed on the the schedule for your routine (or when the doors open if you perform less than 2 hours after that time)! This will give you time to get ready and also ensure we are ready if they are running early. Competitions can run or early or late.  Be prepared!  
  • ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEOS OR PHOTOS CAN BE TAKEN! If anyone is caught, our routine will be disqualified and they will be asked to leave the competition by their staff. Be sure to tell any friends or family members who may be attending the competition! 
  • A NEW list of REQUIRED HAIRSTYLES can be found below and on the company webpage! By popular request the older dancers are doing double Dutch braids (tails wrapped into a bun) for most Sunday dances. See below for details!
  • PLEASE watch these tutorials on YouTube on how to do a slick high ponytail, high bun and the new double Dutch braids! You can also find links to them on the Company Webpage!
  • Team Captains- the new list for TOP is below! Please read the block below on Team Captains so you know what to expect during awards and who the team captains are- they will change each competition!  
  • The schedule for TOP is Available on our Company Webpage and on the CS Company Team App! See block below!
  • Directions and a map to TOP (located at the Overland Park Convention Center) can be found on the CS Company Team App- click on the Events icon, then on the day of the event (April 19-22).
    • Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS 66211
  • Our 
    CS Trivia Night Fundraiser is back April, 27th! Please see the block below for information on how to participate or attend!  
  • Stage One awards will be available to pick up at the front desk very soon! We will send out an email to let you know when they are ready!
  • Save the date! Company Auditions will be held Saturday, May 12th! Everyone interested in being a part of Principal Company, Corps Company or Pre-Company must attend. More details/ times TBA.
If you have any questions, please send me an email or give the front desk a call at 660.747.6133!

Here's to a fabulous weekend of dance! 

Kristen, Company Director

Click on the link below to view the costume/accessories checklist for each routine to ensure you have every item you need for the competition! 

The schedule for the TOP Competition is available on the Company Web Page and Company Team App!

Doors will open Thursday at 9am, Friday at 7:30am, and Saturday &
Sunday at 7:00am.

Dancers will need to arrive 2 hours before their scheduled time! 

TOP is STREAMING the competition LIVE so family and friends can watch near and far! Tell them to go to the link below to watch!

New hair list for TOP!!!  By popular request the older dancers are doing double Dutch braids (tails wrapped into a bun) for most Sunday dances. Other dances have had changes as well- be sure to check the list by clicking on the link below or on the Company Webpage!

Be sure to watch the video tutorials on how to do double Dutch braids, a slick high pony and a high bun!

Double Dutch Braids in Bun
Double Dutch Braids with tails wrapped in a bun!

Company Bun Example
Example of a High Bun

Grooming is important and is part of our score! 
Buns n eed to be in the correct place on the head, smooth with no flyaways, shaped nicely and secured with a hair net that matches your hair.

Buns- low and medium
Low Bun & Middle Bun

We'd like  the Middle Bun to be just a tad lower!  

Team captains are assigned for each group and are responsible for getting awards for their dance!

Captains will need to be sure they know their teacher's name, name of our studio (Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts), and the number of their routine! 
They will meet Miss Kristen outside of the dressing room after the awards to give her any pins, medals, ribbons, trophies they receive. If they can not find Miss Kristen or another CS Staff member at the competition, they should bring the awards in to the studio and give them to the front desk! 

Awards should not be passed out on stage!  They will be handed approximately a week after the competition at the studio. We will send an email out to let you know when they are available to pick up!

Captains will be different for each competition!
Here are some important competition notes!

1). Quadruple check your costumes!  Once you are at the competition there won't be time  to go back and get anything you've forgotten!

2). Pack the necessary items: make-up, hair gel and hairspray, wet wipes, bobby pins,    safety pins, q-tips and cotton balls, super glue or hot glue if you have it,  tights, dance shoes, hairpiece, and   anything else you think you MIGHT need. 

3). Arrive at the venue with plenty of time to find the group.  Double check the list for when you need to be there!!!  Remember, your dancer MUST be in the dressing room 2 hours before their scheduled time.  

4). Parents and families wear CS gear or colors if you have it to show your  spirit!!  Plus, it help us find you in the crowd!  :-)

5). If you need anything call or text me at:   816-215-1739!

6). Sign up for the CS Company Team App if you haven't already! Parents AND Dancers should sign up (if you have a device)!!! We will be using it to keep everyone informed of last minute information! 

7). Remember, NO PHOTO OR VIDEO may be taken inside the competition.  Violating this policy could result in our  disqualification so please take this very seriously.  

8). Please be respectful at the competition! We don't want to be known as the studio who complains or has a bad attitude!  

Remember   to    encourage,   inspire, be positive  and  uplift  
   EVERYONE!!!   It has been awesome getting emails from complete strangers past years about how considerate and friendly our dancers and parents are!


Company Shoes! 


A list of required shoes for each routine is available on the Company webpage- scroll to the bottom of the page and click under the heading Shoes and Tights! 


Click here to view the Shoes list now!



Company Tights!

A list of required tights  for each routine is available on the Company webpage- scroll to the bottom of the page and click under the heading Shoes and Tights! 

Ovation Tights Sizing Charts

Ovation Tights Sizing Charts

For everyone's convenience, we have kept the required make-up the same as last year!

Information about  Company Make-Up is available to view on the Company Webpage (password- TeamCSA) or via the link below!

 You can also find links on the Company web page to videos on our CS youtube channel showing how to apply the make-up!

Click on the links below for detailed information about this exciting opportunity for Company Dancers to fundraise and for everyone involved to enjoy an entertaining evening of trivia, tacos & fun!

CS Rocks Trivia Night Flyer

Click on the link below for more information!



There is always a lot of Company information to share and we want to be sure everyone is kept informed! Here's how we communicate with you!
  • Weekly Company Newsletter via email! Watch for it each week! 
  • We use our Company Team App to send out push notifications as needed! Be sure to sign up for all of your specific groups as well as the ALL COMPANY group! (Instructions Below)
  • Email as needed. You can send email to us at: info@centerstageacademy.org or to Kristen at: kdrice13@yahoo.com.
Please make sure we have your most used email address on file at the front desk so you don't miss out on important information!

(Specialty Routines will be added by Sunday!)
Team App

Center Stage Company has their own Smartphone App to keep you informed!   To get the full features of the CS Team App you need to: 

First: Download Team App onto your smartphone.

Download Team App here: 

It's 100% FREE!

Second: Launch Team App.

Then follow these steps:

1. Sign-up to Team App.
 You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.

2. Log in. Then search for Center Stage Company and request access to the group(s) that apply to you.

For example, everyone should request access to join the 2017/18 All Company group and then all of the group classes/ routines that you/ your dancer are in! 

3.  Enable Push Notifications on your phone! (Go to settings to enable them.)

We will use this App to send push notifications to your phone to give everyone immediate need-to-know information- especially during the competition season! 

If you don't have a smartphone, reply to this email so you can be added manually and you'll receive email notifications instead of push notifications to your phone.



TOP Competition! No Rehearsals!

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