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March 29, 2017

Hi Company Families!

I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend with all of you in Wichita!  I've been really focusing on telling the kids to give more energy, more emotion, and to dance harder this weekend.  No holding back! I want everyone to come off stage feeling like they did their absolute best!

Super Important! Due to an injury, we need to restage "Via Dolarosa" (lyrical A) and "Run It" (teen hip hop).   We will rehearse and make the necessary changes Thursday 6:15-7:15pm.  I apologize for the late notice, but unfortunately this is the only time available and it's really important we go over the changes.  Thanks for being so flexible!  

An email went out Monday night with information about an optional competition for solos/duets/trios on May 5-7 in Overland Park. Please read the block below for details!

In case you missed it in the newsletter last week, be sure to read below for an important note from Jennifer about a change in the recital format this year! 

Important Notes/ Competition Reminders!
  • We WILL have practices April 9th and April 23rd!  Sunday practices are still very important as we make changes between each competition!
  • You MUST be at the competition 2 hours prior to the time listed on the the schedule for your routine, unless you perform less than two hours after doors open, in which case you should arrive at the time doors open.:)  This will give you time to get ready and also ensure we are ready if they are running early. Competitions can run or early or late.  Be prepared!   
  • Check all tights (including fishnets) and be sure you have a pair free of holes!
  • Hair changes for VIP are listed below!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEOS OR PHOTOS CAN BE TAKEN at VIP! If anyone is caught, our routine will be disqualified and they will be asked to leave the competition by their staff. Be sure to tell any friends or family members who may be attending! 
  • Team Captains have been assigned to each routine! Please read the block below on Team Captains so you know what to expect during awards and who the team captains are- they will change each competition! 
  • The schedule for VIP is available on our Company Webpage and on the CS Company Team App! See block below! (The link included last week no longer works and has been replaced with a pdf version of the schedule!)
  • D irections and a map to VIP can be found on the CS Company Team App- click on the Events icon, then on the day of the event (March 31-April 2).
    • The address is: Maize High School 11600 W. 45th St. N Maize, KS 67101

  • Company Specialty Routine recital pictures will be taken on Sunday, April 23rd instead of during recital picture week! Only your weekly class pictures will be taken throughout the week of May 1-4.
  • Your Cathy Roe awards are currently being organized at the front desk and will be ready to be picked up soon! We will send out an email to let you know when you can pick them up!
  • Large Adult Tights are IN and available at the front desk!
  • If you have defective tights and have not exchanged your tights, please stop by the front desk to do so!  
  • Please be sure you have your hotel arrangements for the Wichita VIP competition this weekend and Nationals. You can stay anywhere you like!  Information regarding the host hotel for each one can be found at!  
As always, if you have any questions, please send me an email at or give the front desk a call at 660.747.6133!


Kristen, Company Director

Our pre-professional team will be attending Spotlight competition May 5-7 at the Overland Park Convention Center. We are opening up registration for our solos/duets/trios for this competition as well.  

This is totally optional and please be aware that since it is an optional competition it is very likely that a teacher will not be present and you will be responsible for checking yourself in for solos/duets/trios. I will ensure your music is there.  

Fees are due by noon, THIS FRIDAY, March 31st.  There is a good chance this competition will fill up.  I will enter your routines on a first come, first serve basis, so please fill out the google form below ASAP if your dancer plans to attend!

Solo $115
Title Solo $150
Duets/Trios $65 each dancer 

Teen Hip Hop - high ponytail (use black hair ties)
Senior Hip Hop - high ponytail (use black hair ties)
Company Tap 2 - high bun 
Company Jazz 2 - high bun 

Here are some important competition notes/reminders!

1). Quadruple check your costumes!  We will be far too far away this weekend to go back and get anything you've forgotten!

2). Pack the necessary items: make-up, hair gel and hairspray, wet wipes, bobby pins,  safety pins, q-tips and cotton balls, super glue or hot glue if you have it,  tights, dance shoes, hairpiece, and  anything else you think you MIGHT need. 

3). Arrive at the venue with plenty of time to find the group.  Double check the list for when you need to be there!!!  Remember, your dancer MUST be in the dressing room 2 hours before their scheduled time.  

4). Parents and families wear CS gear or colors if you have it to show your  spirit!!  Plus, it help us find you in the crowd!  :-)

5). If you need anything call or text me at:  816-215-1739!

6). Sign up for the CS Company Team App if you haven't already! Parents AND Dancers should sign up (if you have a device)!!! We will be using it to keep everyone informed of last minute information! 

7). Remember, NO PHOTO OR VIDEO may be taken inside the competition.  Violating this policy could result in our   disqualification so please take this very seriously.  

8). Please be respectful at the competition! We don't want to be known as the studio who complains or has a bad attitude!  

Remember  to   encourage,    
inspire, be positive  and  uplift 
EVERYONE!!!   It has been awesome getting emails from complete strangers past years about how considerate and friendly our dancers and parents are!


The schedule for the VIP Competition is now available on the Company Web Page and the Company Team App!

Doors will open Friday, March 31st at 3:00pm, Saturday at 6:45am and Sunday at 6:45am.

Dancers will need to arrive 2 hours before their scheduled time! 
Unless you perform less than two hours after doors open, in which case you should arrive at the time doors open. :)

Note from the Competition Organizers: 
  • Video Taping and Photography are strictly prohibited. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium. 
  • Please note that schedules are made according to Category, Dance Style and Age. We realize that some of your routines may be placed very closely together with the same dancers in each of those routines. Our stage manager will place routines 'on hold' for up to four entries in order to allow for costume changes. In addition, dancers may 'check-in' backstage early (up to 10 numbers prior) for those routines in order to allow more time between dances.

Team captains are  assigned for each group and are responsible for getting awards for their dance!
Captains will need to be sure they know their teacher's name, name of our studio (Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts), and the number of their routine! 
They will meet Miss Kristen outside of the dressing room after the awards to give her any pins, medals, ribbons, trophies  they receive.

Awards should not be passed out on stage!  They will be handed approximately a week after the competition at the studio.

Captains will be different for each competition!

(The link is also available on the Company Web Page!)
Giving Bean Coffee

Giving Bean Company Fundraiser Information!

If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact Mandy House at:

Also, a new Facebook group for the booster club has been created for your reference: Center Stage Academy Company Parent Booster Club! Here is the direct link:

Team App

Center Stage Company has their own Smartphone App to keep you informed! 
To get the full features of the CS Team App you need to: 

First: Download Team App onto your smartphone.

Download Team App here: 

It's 100% FREE!

Second: Launch Team App.

Then follow these steps:

1. Sign-up to Team App.
 You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.

2. Log in. Then search for Center Stage Company and request access to the group(s) that apply to you.

For example, everyone should request access to join the All Company group and then all of the group classes/ routines that you/ your dancer are in! 

3.  Enable Push Notifications on your phone! (Go to settings to enable them.)

We will use this App to send push notifications to your phone to give everyone immediate need-to-know information- especially during the competition season! 

If you don't have a smartphone, reply to this email so you can be added manually and you'll receive email notifications instead of push notifications to your phone.

For Your Reference...

1st Place!
Good afternoon Company Families,

I wanted to let you all know about a slight restructuring of the recital format taking place this year. As you all know, our recitals keep getting longer and longer and we struggle every year to try to keep the run time at no longer than 3 hours- which is already a really long show for both the audience and the performers! 

The Evening Recital this year is looking to be well over 3 hours long, even with using  strategies from previous years to control its length! In past years we've moved more classes and routines to the Matinee show, we've combined classes, we keep the routine lengths as short as possible and we plan out transitions and the entire show to reduce the amount of time in between routines! Every second/minute adds up  fast! 

We've spent years  brainstorming thoughts and possibilities trying to  determine  the best course of action to fight the increasing length of our Spring Recital while still providing the incredible performance experience for our dancers. Unfortunately, try as we might, the methods described above aren't enough this year due to one main, definitely exciting, reason- the increased number of Company Specialty Routines! 

As I'm sure many of you felt at Cathy Roe, we have more routines than ever before and it doesn't just feel that way, it's a fact! We are thrilled to be able to provide the opportunity for so many of you to be a part of extra specialty routines and we want to be able to continue to do so each season, however, when it comes to planning out the recital, the time added makes a huge difference! 

The past two years w e've moved Hip Hop routines to the matinee show, but even that change is no where near enough this year. So, instead, in order to give every routine a chance to perform in an evening show, while keeping the time manageable, we are going to have half of the Company specialty routines perform on Friday night and the other half on Saturday night. The Production routine will still perform in all three performances. All weekly company classes will still perform on BOTH nights, only the extra Sunday specialty routines will be divided. 

We know this is not a perfect solution, and while it brings new challenges to planning, performing in and producing the recital, we think it is the best solution currently possible allowing us to:
  • Continue to offer an increased number of Company specialty routines for dancers
  • Give each routine a chance to be showcased locally in the Evening Performance
  • Keep the recital under 4 hours, and as close to 3 hours as possible, reducing the hours not only of the audience sitting in the theatre, but of the dancers and parents backstage! 
The tentative break down of which routines will be which evening is available below! We will send out the definite break down prior to tickets going on sale for your scheduling purposes.  Thank you all so much for understanding and working with us as we implement this change and tackle any complications that arise! Please know, this was NOT an easy decision to make. We really do want what is best for every single performer/family at Center Stage and trying to meet the needs of all of you IS my around-the-clock job and passion!

Thank you all!

Tentative Break Down for Specialty Routines
Recital Friday Night- June 2
Recital Saturday Night- June 3
Heaven is a Place On Earth
The Rose
Turn to Stone
Thinkin' Bout You
Run It
Ashokan Farewell
When the Ship Goes Down
The Big Doll House
Rocket Man

Via Dolorosa
Standing By
Way Ahead of My Time
Black Cat
Zero to Hero
Bathing Beauty
Slam It
My Heart Will Go On
You'll Be In My Heart



There is always a lot of Company information to share and we want to be sure everyone is kept informed! Here's how we communicate with you!
  • Weekly Company Newsletter via email EVERY Wednesday! Watch for it each week! 
  • We use our Company Team App to send out push notifications as needed! Sign up now for all of your specific groups as well as the ALL COMPANY group! (Instructions Below)
  • Email as needed. You can send email to us at: or to Kristen at:
Please make sure we have your most used email address on file at the front desk so you don't miss out on important information!

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