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May 24, 2017

Happy Wednesday Company Families!

The recital is almost here and it's going to be amazing! Be sure to read below for specific Company related recital details! 

Important Notes/ Reminders!
  • Recital Information Packets, Show Orders, Staging and Dress Rehearsal schedules are all available at the studio! You can also find all of them on the studio website!
  • Recital T-Shirts are In! You can pick them up at the front desk!
  • Nude Leotards for recital! See below for more details! 
  • Hairstyles for Recital: Let's go with a High Bun for everything! I may try a High Pony for Hip Hop and Company Tap 3. Stay tuned!
  • The Summer Schedule is available on the studio website under the classes tab!
  • Details on the Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser are below!
  • TOP Awards are ready to be picked up at the front desk!
  • Please be sure you have your hotel arrangements for Nationals. You can stay anywhere you like!  Information regarding the host hotel for each one can be found at!
As always, if you have any questions, please send me an email at or give the front desk a call at 660.747.6133!


Kristen, Company Director

Show Week Schedule!
Double Check Where YOU Need to Be Next Week!
  • All Staging Rehearsals  for your routines
  • Dress Rehearsal on THURSDAY NIGHT ONLY (Company/ Pre-Company Dancers & Beginning Pointe will NOT rehearse during the Matinee Dress Rehearsal)
  • Friday Evening Performance- Everyone will remain backstage the entire performance.
  • Saturday Matinee Performance- Stay tuned for which performers will need to remain backstage the entire performance!
  • Saturday Evening Performance- Everyone will remain backstage the entire performance.
Wow! Company dancers definitely make planning a show order tricky and completely impossible to design without quick changes! With that in mind, please be sure to read through all of the notes specifically for Company/Pre-Company dancers to help the recital run as smoothly as possible for everyone!
Quick changes: So...the quick changes this year are going to be memorable, to say the least! But have no fear! We know they exist, we are planning for them and we will be helping everyone make them! 
  • With the number of dancers involved in quick changes this year, we think it would be a good idea for the dancers that have really fast changes to get a nude leotard. This way they won't be concerned about changing directly backstage! 
  • This is not a requirement, just a suggestion to help dancers feel more comfortable backstage! The nude leotard should be worn UNDER all tights so that it can be left on when tights are being changed. :) 
  • We will be placing an order for nude leotards on Friday morningIf you want us to order a leotard for your dancer(s), $16 plus tax, please fill out the form below BEFORE Friday morning!
Dress Rehearsals: 
  • Company/Pre-Company dancers DO NOT need to attend the Matinee Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday night.
  • We are only having ONE evening dress rehearsal (Thursday night). More detailed information regarding how we will run the dress rehearsal and prepare for the different routines both nights will be coming your way soon!
  • Beginning Pointe dancers DO NOT need to attend the Matinee Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday. They only need to attend their staging rehearsal!
  • Dressing rooms have not yet been assigned- we are still working with UCM to determine which dressing rooms we will be able to rent this year. We will send out an email with room assignments as soon as we know them.
  • As most of you already know, the backstage check in/check out procedures outlined on the step-by-step info sheets do not apply to Principal Company/Pre-Company dancers. 
  • We expect all of these dancers to be responsible, arrive on time and know when to be ready for which dances without needing to officially check in with, or be under the direct supervision of CS Staff. We will be helping out with quick changes and of course supervising overall, you just don't need to sign in and parents of younger dancers won't receive a name badge when entering the Pre-Company/ Company 1 dressing rooms. :) 
  • Corps Company Dancersas of right now, these dancers will be assigned to non-company dressing rooms with Class Mom/ Room Mom supervision. Please follow the check-in procedures for your age group to help keep it streamlined for volunteers & staff. If your dancer would prefer to be assigned to a Company dressing room, please send an email ASAP to Coreena at:
  • Pre-Company/Company 1- Your classes DO have specific moms who have signed up to be backstage each night! Please reference the Sign-Up genius page to see who is planning on being back there when! IF you also signed up via the studio-wide volunteer form for your child's ballet class for example, you have only been assigned to the Pre-Company/Company dressing room, not the room with the rest of the dancers in the ballet class. 
Hairstyles-  High bun for everything! We might try to do a high pony for Hip Hop and Company Tap 3.

Definite Break Down for Specialty Routines
Recital Friday Night- June 2
Recital Saturday Night- June 3
Heaven is a Place On Earth
The Rose
Way Ahead of My time
Turn to Stone
Thinkin' Bout You
Run It
Ashokan Farewell
When the Ship Goes Down
The Big Doll House
Rocket Man

Via Dolorosa
Standing By
Way Ahead of My Time
Black Cat
Zero to Hero
Bathing Beauty
Slam It
My Heart Will Go On
You'll Be In My Heart

Just a reminder!  In you haven't already done so, please be sure to read the email that was sent out regarding helping backstage during the recital! 

 You can sign up via the link below to help with your dancers either Friday or Saturday night and enjoy relaxing while watching the  performance the other night!

If you have any questions, please email Coreena at!

(And thank you all for the many responses we have already received!)
Summer 2017 at Center Stage!

Register online or at the front desk now for  Summer Classes & Camps! 

Little Caesars Pizza

It's always a perfect time for pizza!  Little Caesars Pizza Kits are Back! 
  • Order forms are available at the front desk!
  • All forms need to be turned in by June 3rd! You can turn them in at the front desk or at Hendricks (Just be sure to find the correct drop off box either in the lobby area or backstage! Picture Order forms will also have a box for people to drop orders into!)
  • Orders will come in June 15th!

Recital 2015


There is always a lot of Company information to share and we want to be sure everyone is kept informed! Here's how we communicate with you!
  • Weekly Company Newsletter via email EVERY Wednesday! Watch for it each week! 
  • We use our Company Team App to send out push notifications as needed! Sign up now for all of your specific groups as well as the ALL COMPANY group! (Instructions Below)
  • Email as needed. You can send email to us at: or to Kristen at:
Please make sure we have your most used email address on file at the front desk so you don't miss out on important information!

Team App

Center Stage Company has their own Smartphone App to keep you informed!   To get the full features of the CS Team App you need to: 

First: Download Team App onto your smartphone.

Download Team App here: 

It's 100% FREE!

Second: Launch Team App.

Then follow these steps:

1. Sign-up to Team App.
 You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.

2. Log in. Then search for Center Stage Company and request access to the group(s) that apply to you.

For example, everyone should request access to join the All Company group and then all of the group classes/ routines that you/ your dancer are in! 

3.  Enable Push Notifications on your phone! (Go to settings to enable them.)

We will use this App to send push notifications to your phone to give everyone immediate need-to-know information- especially during the competition season! 

If you don't have a smartphone, reply to this email so you can be added manually and you'll receive email notifications instead of push notifications to your phone.

Upcoming Dates
Exciting 2016/17
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June 2-3:

July 9-15:

Nationals Fees Due

Center Stage Dance Recitals

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